A new election would favour no one but Fianna Fáil…

Sarah Bardon in the Irish Times quotes Willie O’Dea… 

’ Limerick City TD Willie O’Dea said the people of this country voted to get rid of the outgoing government and the party could not accept any partnership or coalition.
He said: “The people who are supporting me and who are asking about my views . . . certainly didn’t contemplate that I would be part of this arrangement which would ultimately involve putting Enda Kenny back as taoiseach and sharing Mercs and perks with Fine Gael.”

For now I’m sticking with my previous view that no one actually wants another election. But there’s some rumbling inside FF about the need for greater clarity from the electorate from those who fancy they’d pick up more from independents and a Fine Gael party that’s hardly shone in these negotiations.

The sheer size and nebulousness of the independent block is what’s primarily hampered negotiations to the formation of a government. A second election campaign would have to focus on the need to develop a clear national voice and a willingness to act on hot ticket items like Irish Water.

The appeal for FF in such a scenario lies in the fact that the prospect would not appeal to anyone else: most particularly the independents whose limited resources must be stretched after February. Nor indeed SF, who’d be faced with overlapping electoral commitments north and south. 

Interesting times…

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