Candidates from the parties in #ae16

A few people have gotten in touch with us to ask if it is possible to get a list of candidates running in this years Assembly election. In the spirit of being a public service, I thought I would compile a list of candidates running for each party in the Assembly. If I have missed anybody let me know and I will add them.

NOTE- Constituencies left blank means that the party has just not nominated a candidate yet

DUP (44 candidates)

East Belfast- Joanne Bunting, Sammy Douglas, Robin Newton

North Belfast- Paula Bradley, William Humphrey, Nelson McCausland

South Belfast- Emma Pengelly, Christopher Stalford

West Belfast- Frank McCoubrey

East Antrim- David Hilditch, Gordon Lyons, Alastair Ross

North Antrim-Paul Frew, Phillip Logan, David McIlveen, Mervyn Storey

South Antrim-Pam Cameron, Trevor Clarke, Paul Girvan

North Down-Alex Easton, Gordon Dunne, Peter Weir

South Down-Jim Wells

Fermanagh & South Tyrone-Arlene Foster, Maurice Morrow

Foyle- Gary Middleton

Lagan Valley- Jonathan Craig, Paul Givan, Brenda Hale, Edwin Poots

East Londonderry-Maurice Bradley, Adrian McQuillan, George Robinson

Mid Ulster- Keith Buchanan, Ian McCrea

Newry & Armagh- William Irwin

Strangford- Jonathan Bell, Simon Hamilton, Harry Harvey, Michelle McIlveen

West Tyrone- Tom Buchanan, Allan Bresland

Upper Bann- Sydney Anderson, Carla Lockhart



Sinn Fein (Likely 39 candidates)

North Belfast- Gerry Kelly, Carál Ní Chuilín

South Belfast-Máirtín Ó Muilleoir

West Belfast- Alex Maskey, Fra McCann, Jennifer McCann, Pat Sheehan, Rosie McCorley

East Belfast- Niall Ó Donnghaile

South Antrim- Declan Kearney

East Antrim-Oliver McMullan

North Antrim- Daithí McKay

Lagan Valley- Jacqui McGeough

North Down- 

Strangford- Dermot Kennedy

South Down- Caitríona Ruane, Chris Hazzard, Michael Gray-Sloan

Newry & Armagh- Conor Murphy, Megan Fearon, Cathal Boylan

Fermanagh and South Tyrone- Michelle Gildernew, Phil Flanagan, Sean Lynch, John Feeley

West Tyrone- Barry McElduff, Grace McDermott, Declan McAleer, Michaela Boyle

Mid Ulster- Michelle O’Neill, Linda Dillon, Ian Milne

East Londonderry- Cathal Ó hOisín, Caoimhe Archibald

Foyle- Martin McGuinness, Maeve McLoughlin, Raymond McCartney

Upper Bann- John O’Dowd, Catherine Seeley



UUP (33 candidates)

East Belfast- Andy Allen, Chris McGimpsey

West Belfast- Gareth Martin

South Belfast- Rodney McCune

North Belfast- Lesley Carroll

East Antrim- Roy Beggs, Maureen Morrow, John Stewart

South Antrim- Steve Aiken, Paul Michael, Adrian Cochrane-Watson

North Antrim- Robin Swann, Andrew Wright

North Down- Alan Chambers, Chris Eisenstadt, Carl McClean

Newry Armagh-Danny Kennedy, Sam Nicholson

West Tyrone- Ross Hussey

Foyle- Julia Kee

East Londonderry- Aaron Callan, William McCandless

Fermanagh S Tyrone-Rosemary Barton, Alastair Patterson

Mid-Ulster- Sandra Overend

Lagan Valley- Robbie Butler, Jenny Palmer

Upper Bann-Doug Beattie, Jo-Anne Dobson, Kyle Savage

South Down- Harold McKee

Strangford- Philip Smith, Mike Nesbitt

SDLP (24 candidates)

East Belfast- Amy Doherty

West Belfast- Alex Attwood 

South Belfast- Claire Hanna, Feaghal McKinney

North Belfast- Nichola Mallon

East Antrim- Margaret Anne McKillop

South Antrim- Roisin Lynch

North Antrim- Connor Duncan

North Down- Conal Browne

Newry Armagh-Karen McKevitt, Justin McNulty

West Tyrone- Daniel McCrossan

Foyle- Colum Eastwood, Mark H. Durkan, Gerard Diver

East Londonderry- Gerry Mullan

Fermanagh S Tyrone-Richie McPhillips

Mid-Ulster- Patsy McGlone

Lagan Valley- Pat Catney

Upper Bann-Dolores Kelly

South Down- Sean Rogers, Sinead Bradley, Colin McGrath

Strangford- Joe Boyle

Alliance (23 candidates)

Belfast East – Naomi Long, Chris Lyttle, Tim Morrow.

Belfast North – Nuala McAllister

Belfast South – Paula Bradshaw, Duncan Morrow

Belfast West – Jemima Higgins

East Antrim – Stewart Dickson, Danny Donnelly

East Londonderry – Yvonne Boyle

Fermanagh-South Tyrone – Kerri Blyberg

Foyle – Chris McCaw

Lagan Valley – Trevor Lunn

Mid-Ulster – Neidin Hendron

Newry and Armagh – Craig Weir

North Antrim – Stephen McFarland

North Down – Stephen Farry, Andrew Muir

South Antrim – David Ford

South Down – Patrick Brown

Strangford – Kellie Armstrong

Upper Bann – Harry Hamilton

West Tyrone – Stephen Donnelly



Green Party (18 candidates)

North Down- Steven Agnew

Belfast South- Clare Bailey

Belfast East- Ross Brown

Belfast North-Malachai O’Hara

Fermanagh and South Tyrone- Tanya Jones

West Tyrone-Ciaran McClean

Belfast West- Ellen Murray

Strangford- Georgia Grainger

East Antrim- Dawn Patterson

Mid-Ulster- Stefan Taylor

Lagan Valley-Danny O’Neill

Upper Bann- Simon Lee

East Derry/L.Derry-Amber Hammill

South Down- John Hardy

Newry and Armagh- Michael Watters

North Antrim-Jennifer Breslin

South Antrim- Helen Farley

Foyle- Mary Hassan



UKIP (13 candidates)

Belfast East – Jonny Lavery

Belfast North – Ken Boyle

Belfast South – Bob Stoker

East Antrim – Noel Jordan

East Londonderry – Steven Parkhill

Lagan Valley – Brian Higginson

Mid-Ulster – Alan Day

Newry and Armagh – Alan Love

North Antrim – Donna Anderson

North Down – Bill Piper

South Antrim – Robert Hill

Strangford – Stephen Crosby

Upper Bann – David Jones



TUV (15 candidates)

North Antrim- Jim Allister, Timothy Gaston

East Londonderry- Jordan Armstrong

Fermanagh/South Tyrone- Donald Crawford

North Belfast- John Miller

South Belfast- John Hiddleston

East Belfast- Andrew Girvin

Mid Ulster- Hanna Loughrin

Upper Bann- Roy Ferguson

South Down- Henry Reilly

East Antrim- Ruth Wilson

Lagan Valley- Lyle Rea

North Down- John Brennan

South Antrim- Richard Cairns

Strangford- Stephen Cooper





David McCann holds a PhD in North-South relations from University of Ulster. You can follow him on twitter @dmcbfs