On the dire circumstance of politicians as ‘wee boys just minding the shop’…

I think Alex is annoyed

I don’t expect the Executive parties to like each other. Heavens, I’m well aware that half the members of one party don’t actually like the other half of their own party! But I expect them to respect each other enough to govern together.

It’s what they signed up to do in 1998 and what the DUP and Sinn Fein signed up to do in 2007 and again with the Fresh Start agreement a few months ago.

I’m sick to death of the “it’s better than it used to be” mantra that accompanies any criticism; and even more miffed (yes, I still don’t want you choking) when critics are accused of undermining peace and progress.

I sometimes wonder if our leaders would have expected Mrs Lincoln to have emerged from the Ford’s Theatre on April 14, 1865 and announce to the press: “But apart from that, it was actually a rather enjoyable evening and a very well acted play.”

Or put another way, get on with the governing, and quit just minding the shop (for which you are paid handsomely so to do)…