Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle may rescind Michelle Gildernew deselection

John Manley in today’s Irish News reports that Sinn Fein’s ruling body might over-turn the decision of the Fermanagh/South Tyrone convention last Sunday to deselect former MP, Michelle Gildernew.

Manley writes;

The party’s ard chomhairle is due to meet on Saturday February 13 to ratify the result of Sunday’s Fermanagh-South Tyrone selection convention but party sources have indicated that the outcome is far from a formality.

The convention was re-run after an anomaly appeared between the number of delegates present and the number of votes cast.

The Irish News political correspondent goes on to write;

But one senior Sinn Féin source has told The Irish News that the party’s ard chomhairle is unlikely to ratify the Fermanagh-South Tyrone result.

“I can’t see them okaying this given how unpopular the outcome is proving,” the source said.

“Returning three MLAs in this constituency is already a challenge but with three Fermanagh men running and no Michelle it’ll be almost impossible.”

We could be going for round 3 very soon. As the party heads into the Southern election and gets ready for the Assembly election, it seems that for Sinn Fein “we see the dreary steeples of Fermanagh and Tyrone emerging once again.”

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  • mickfealty

    Was it a deselection? Or a failure to select? She’s not currently an MLA. I really don’t think SF have a choice but to override FST SF. On the face of it, it looks like the local party would rather lose the seat than give it to Michelle.

    For an AC member not to get selected is odd. Odd, odd, odd.

  • Cavehill

    I don’t think she was deselected by the constituency association, I think that it was an unfortunate error. McGahan submitting herself for selection when she hadn’t the first time likely split Gildernew’s votes from the first selection, given that one replaced the other in the Assembly and both share a base in South Tyrone.

  • NMS

    AC? Army Council member? I never knew!

  • mickfealty

    National Executive/Ard Comhairle…

  • NMS

    Tuigim, ach an bhfuil difir?

  • Gingray

    What is the date by which parties need to have finalised their selection?

    This one could run and run and run

  • hugh mccloy

    Keep running selection elections until you get the result the big wigs had already determined. I seem to remember SF complaining about this tactic before.

  • Jollyraj

    The rubber match is on? A grim image.

    Not much point having the election if you then just overrule the ‘wrong’ result.

  • Stewart Finn

    Messy. The interesting dynamic is Bromwyn McGahan entering the race for the first time between the votes. Specifically what changed, what motivated that change, was it good practice given the original selection was being ‘rerun’ due to a counting error and what impact it had. Presumably it was a deciding factor given Bromwyn McGahan was co-opted to replace Michelle Gildernew…you would imagine a reasonable amount of Gildernew’s votes in round 1 were split second time around.

  • hugh mccloy

    There will be vote management but a big hitter will always sway more votes

  • itsneverpersonal

    Is MG really such a vote getter? Is she really so well thought of in Republican circles? If both are yes then many will ask why the re-run. I would be asking who in the SF leadership instructed MG to be stood down? What could she have done? She tows the party line and does what she is told. Has she done something locally to loose votes in the East Tyrone area?

  • chrisjones2

    Which I am sure was totally unintended!!

    And how dare these uppity locals select their own candidates who are all LOCAL and all MEN

  • Clearly, the memo didn’t reach everyone.

  • So why wouldn’t those two blocks come together for a big enough block to take one of the places, when in the first meeting there was clearly enough to select Gildernew.

  • Lord Coleraine

    They do it in the South every time they have a European referendum

  • fralycis

    Of course McGahan’s inclusion inevitably took votes away from Gildernew. I believe she still has the profile evidenced from the Westminster election. If SF are going to cross the line for 3 FST MLA seats, Gildernew and Lynch need to be on the ticket – having female representation in the constituency is important for many voters. Should really be Feely and Flanagan put to the vote for 3rd seat selection. (Especially when DUP and UUP are likely to increase their % from 2011 as well.) Expect SDLP to fight to regain their seat from 2007.

  • Kevin Breslin

    Do you think they are deliberately trying to ensure both Michelle and Phil are both on the ticket, surely they could ask one of the other two main candidates simply to pull out or offer them a job elsewhere.

  • Kevin Breslin

    All the candidates were local.

  • T.E.Lawrence

    Nominations start from 30th March 2016 and finish on 12th April 2016 !

  • Lionel Hutz

    Isn’t Michelle Gilderenew a member of the AC? If she is, would it not look very bad for Sinn Fein if they refused to ratify this vote.

    I appreciate that Michelle could most likely recuse herself from the actual vote but notwithstanding that it would look like the inner club looking out for their own.

    This is all very interesting watching Sinn Fein tear itself up like this.

  • Kevin Breslin

    So Sinn Féin are going with Four and letting the people decide.