#GE16 and finally they’re off, let the postering begin…

So, it’s finally happened. The Taoiseach has announced the date of the general election in the south…

…Friday February 26 – on Twitter and the phoney war was over – the election campaign is officially over way. Mr Kenny entered the Dáil chamber at 9:32 to make the briefest of statements to announce that it will not sit again until March 10.

This is the first of what should be four big news events for Slugger this year.  The others include the NI (Scottish and Welsh) regional elections, the US general election in the Autumn, and possibly (or possibly not) in the middle of the tumult, a Brexit Referendum.

Johnny will bring us news and gossip from around the constituencies. We’ll have short pieces from campaigners (as much as they are able to give us an unspun sense of what it’s like to hit the doorstep. And of course we’ll have Statler and Waldorf’s authoritative constituency profiles.

Keep an eye out for our GE16 podcasts too. Johnny will be on duty in the southern media whilst David is will be covering the north and we’ll be bringing insight from them and many others together on our rolling live blog on election day.

If you’re involved, do have fun, and keep rolling out them posters…

If not, why not come along with Slugger for the ride?


  • Nordie Northsider

    Alternative headline: ‘let the posturing begin…’ Being stupid enough to indulge in predictions I think that Fianna Fáil will do much better in this election than polls might indicate. On the basis of the last local elections, I’d say there are a lot of shy FFers out there.

  • Robin Keogh

    Their first preference will certainly be higher than the 17% predicted by the most recent RED C poll, but they will most likely struggle to entice transfers.

  • Nordie Northsider

    What would your attitude be to a SF/FF coalition, Robin? I know Micheál Martin has ruled out such a deal but we all know how these things work.

  • Robin Keogh

    If MM is gone i personally would be open to it.

  • mickfealty

    So, I suspect, will Labour. Still going to be bad for them, but the easing economic climate may bring more focus on what the populists propose to do. Some of them are sounding indistinguishable from the mainstream already.

  • mickfealty

    Risking a loss of face here, but I don’t think it’s a question either party are going to have to face this time round. In future, maybe.

    Don’t think Martin can or will, and Hanafin and McGuinness are playing it up for constituency reasons. Dev Og, is probably sincere, but don’t see him influencing matters.

    In the much longer term, yep. I can see it. But not with Gerry in charge. People like Doherty, Toibin and McDonald were made to work seamlessly with FF.

  • Robin Keogh

    Are you referring to Fine Gaels conservative populism, Fianna Fails opportunistic populism, Sinn Feins rational progressive populism or AAAs purist socialist populism?

  • mickfealty

    It is an Irish trait. ON that basis, shouldn’t you be voting Labour? ;-0

  • Robin Keogh

    Its all about populism at some level, not South American style but yes peculiarly Irish brand. I was actually a member of the Labour party for a short period of time. I must have foreseen their shift to the right. My crystal ball again i guess ☺

  • Roger

    Lordy, how I dislike this “southern” and “south” stuff.
    As bad and all as “the north” might be, at least it’s in the north.