McGuinness would consider going to the Twelfth of July.

From Rodney Edwards in the Impartial Reporter today.

He quotes the Deputy First Minister as saying;

I keep meeting people within the community, my community, who say I am doing too much reaching out, who say it is not being reciprocated. I say, that’s not a good enough reason for me to stop doing it and I intend to continue to do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Speaking about 12th July, McGuinness said;

I think it’s important not to impose yourself on for example the Twelfth of July but I do think what is important is that people are big enough to invite you,” he said, adding: “I would give it very serious consideration.”

I appreciate what the Twelfth of July means to the unionist community. I take great pride in what happened in my own city, particularly the tremendous work that the Apprentice Boys have been involved in with the local community.

Derry is peaceful, we never have any concerns about parades of any description denigrating into violence or ignorance or discourtesy. People conduct themselves very well indeed and I take great pride in that. I have consistently paid tribute to the work not just of local residents but of the Apprentice Boys who I do think by their presence in the city enrich our lives

The response from the Orange Order was thus;


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