DUP Reshuffle: Storey goes to Finance and Morrow to Social Development.

Arlene Foster has announced her first ministerial appointments as First Minister.

Mervyn Storey goes from Social Development to Finance.

Her constituency colleague, Lord Morrow joins the Executive as Social Development Minister.

Simon Hamilton, Jonathan Bell, Michelle McIlveen and Emma Pengelly retain their current positions.


  • chrisjones2

  • Jag

    Fourth finance minister in 29 months. Luckily, it’s just a token post in NI.

  • barnshee

    Brilliant– an outstanding academic career – Accounting expert-wide experience Finance – years of experience in Industry –where could we go wrong.?

  • Roger

    yeah, can one really be called a Finance Minister when one doesn’t have a say over tax?
    i think that’s till right…is it? he has no say on tax in NI? That’s addressed to those who might know.

  • Sherdy

    Maybe all the money is gone and there’s only tokens left!

  • barnshee

    They are all token posts– Sectarian doling out of largesse from London-Had they they balls they COULD raise more of their own money via household and water rates -that would however make them responsible -can`t have that

  • chrisjones2

    Come on. Hes a Caleb Devotee so he can add up to at least -4004 (BC) and as a Lodge member may have some experience in raising the subs and collecting them