“I wish to propose a vote of congratulations to the Northern Ireland football team on their magnificent performance in the World Cup.”

Fascinating little snippet from the past (when only one team on the island was making it into international soccer finals). This in particular from one Senator Mallon:

It is a real example of what a lot of fire in the belly can do as opposed to the great odds that the Northern Ireland team faced. I have great pleasure in being associated with that motion.

Now, as you were


  • Nevin

    Here’s a more recent observation from Seamus in the Crawley interview:

    “I would say to them stop putting your fingers into other peoples’ eyes every chance you get – you don’t have to win every little petty argument. .. I suggest that we should start to live and think of ourselves as good ancestors. Ancestors who will leave to our generations to come something worthwhile – not a niggling little place like Stormont is now.”

    There’ll be gouging down at City Hall tonight – and probably in lesser chambers too, as 2016 rolls out.