Pat McCarthy on accepting an MBE ‘It doesn’t make me any less Irish’

Former Lord Mayor and SDLP councillor, Pat McCarthy has gain a bit of attention recently by accepting an honour given to him in the New Years list.

The segment made the Nolan show this morning and  the debate between McCarthy and Jude Collins was interesting.



  • Jollyraj

    I don’t wish to argue with it at all – everyone may self-identify as they see fit, after all – but perhaps Irish Anglo might be more apt, given your background.

  • Anglo-Irish

    Not really, as I’ve lived most of my life in England including all of my working life.

    People may ‘self identify’ as they see fit but unless they do it accurately they are deluding themselves.

    You may hold any opinion that you wish to, but if the facts contradict that opinion then your opinion is wrong.

    I have a friend who is an ex Chief Inspector of the South Yorkshire police he tends to be slightly anti Irish despite the fact – or maybe because – his mother was Irish. He has never set foot in Ireland.

    I’ve never bothered asking him what he considers himself to be, it would be an otiose question, he’s Anglo-Irish whether he likes it or not.

    So, where were you born and where did you grow up?

    No argumentative motive, just curious, you said you were born in a French speaking area but not France could be anywhere from Quebec to Madagascar.

  • Croiteir
  • Discuscutter

    I find it hard to understand how English people even accept it.

    How can you profess to believe that people are equal and fawn over such an award.

    Truly bizarre decision by McCarthy who I suspect fell for the ego boost.