Kyle Paisley wouldn’t know who to vote for in Northern Ireland

Interesting spot from the Nolan Show today who picked up an interview that the former DUP leader’s son, Kyle Paisley saying he wouldn’t know who to vote for if he lived in Northern Ireland.

It should be said that did praise Arlene Foster as somebody with ability, but still the segment with Jon Tonge is worth a listen.


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  • Kevin Breslin

    If people did their research they would see that Kyle Paisley isn’t as “Paisleyite” as many of the people who are leading the DUP, certainly not as strawman Paisleyite … Indeed you pretty much would have to redefine Paisleyism if he was the yardstick, it seems more moderate than the UUP is at times.

  • chrisjones2

    Who would?

  • LordSummerisle

    Grrr… ! “Church of Ireland” ?? … of a type my dear of a type!