Ulster University release new report on public attitudes to Peace Walls.

New research commissioned by the Department of Justice and carried out by Ulster University has revealed some interesting findings about how the public (who live near the walls) view peace walls.

This survey follows on from similar research carried out by the Institute for Research in Social Sciences back in 2012.

Here are some of the key findings;

Peace wall 1

Interesting that 42% of people living beside peace walls have no contact with the people on the other side and 41% of people go to their community representatives to deal with issues or questions about peace walls.

Peace Wall 2

A majority still believes that if the walls came down it would benefit their communities.

Peace wall 3

Security and lack of peace process dividend clearly still a major factor in sections of the protestant community, along with anti-social behaviour. There is still a pretty major gap between the number of Catholics who want peace walls to come down and the number of Protestants.

Differences from 2012 survey and 2015 survey.

Peace wall 4