Stakeknife: PSNI seek resources to conduct an investigation into 53 murders…

A couple of things worth noting about the PSNI’s decision to bring in detectives to investigate 53 murders involving the state agent known as Stakeknife. Vincent Kearney lays out the analysis of the first, the assembly of a special task force comprising of up to 50 detectives from police forces from across the UK:

It is understood Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) Chief Constable George Hamilton is considering the option of using detectives from other police forces in an attempt to secure the support of relatives of Stakeknife’s alleged victims, who have called for a fully independent investigation.

No single police force in England, Scotland or Wales is likely to be willing to release the number of detectives needed for the case.

The PSNI is expected to advertise for experienced detectives throughout Great Britain to apply to join a special major investigation team on secondment. The team will report directly to Mr Hamilton, who will report to the Northern Ireland Policing Board about its activities.

Conservative estimates suggest that it will cost up to £12.5m over a five year period. Interestingly the Chief Constable in interview on Newsline this evening suggested that whilst the investigation would be looking allegations against Stakeknife, it would be looking all the murders associated with the IRA’s internal security unit.

The extra money is just the first hurdle that will need to be cleared. Recruitment of the requisite detectives is another. As Kearney notes:

Police forces throughout the UK are facing significant budget cuts and may not have sufficient resources to allow officers to go on secondment.

There’s a fuller programme on Spotlight tonight, well worth catching up with…

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  • Ciaran Goggins

    This one will run and run. PSNI/RUC investigating? May as well as UFF/UVF. Hopefully no serious comments on Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst and his “role”.

  • mickfealty

    Long time no see Ciaran… Yep, at least five years…

  • Ciaran Goggins

    Shalom, Sal’aam. Cyberhug.

  • Granni Trixie

    I hold a bad apple theory myself and quite admire the good cops for their courage working in such a dangerous place as NI. Rude sniping however is easy.

  • barnshee


    Bring in the outsiders —include a few “Garda”

    Get it ALL out and watch the frantic running for hills– who sanctioned these murders?

    I suspect “Stakeknife” has done the “I have left copies with solicitors etc etc -in the event of anything happening to me they have instructions to reveal all”

    Can`t wait

  • Sliothar

    Another 5 years? So why now, after a delay, to date, of 12 years, as per Barra McGrory?
    Do Stakeknife’s doctors know something that we don’t?

  • mickfealty

    See Ciaran’s comment above?

  • chrisjones2

    So will this just be Stakeknife?

    Or Stakeknife and his alleged Handlers?

    Or Stakenife and his Handlers and the people in the IRA who also set up the murders he is alleged to have committed?

    I cannot see how they can deal with him without also dealing with those in PIRA who were up to their necks in this (allegedly) . And where and to whom will that take us I wonder. Who knew what on the Army Council?

    I suspect nowhere because the questions will then have to be answered as to whom among them were also working for MI5 or the Police or the Army. Its great for the PPS and Police Ombudsman to posture on this – and they really have no choice perhaps – but this will keep them, their sucessors and their successors successors all busy for the next 20 years.

  • Jack Stone

    Could disclosures about the FRU be what kept the the Historical Investigations Unit from getting off the ground? Could revelations exist about how high up the actions of the FRU were known? Who provided the names for Brian Nelson’s list? Will we find out more about Joe Magee and other “upstanding” members of the British Armed Forces working under cover? Or will the British government again cover up their actions in the past and blame it on “paramilitaries”?

  • Ciaran Goggins

    Adopts Mississippi accent “Well Ma’am ah aym just one of dem shifty Taigs” (harmonica playing 1/4 time in background). Y’hear.

  • Mary Anna Quigley

    Who is protecting who , begs to question! I would not believe one word that comes out of a sociopathic liars mouths ( Got away with murder) Most dangerous in society. British government protecting there agents at all costs untrustworthy. Rose Hegarty told the truth, decent woman. No one believes the biggest liars out ! The cowards couldn’t tell the truth if it came up and bit them in the arse. NEVER ever took responsibility for anything in life just like bloody Sunday.

  • Granni Trixie

    And your point is?

  • Granni Trixie

    Sorry to be picky – and I know it doesn’t matter a jot – but could we start using the correct spelling: it’s STEAKNIFE – according to the Spotlight programme.

  • Sergiogiorgio

    12.5 million quid for a whitewash. That would leave even the painters and decorators of south Belfast with red faces.

    Just another diversion to keep Joe Public “occupied”.

  • WindowLean

    Yes, what exactly is a “Stakeknife” anyway?

  • Reader

    Looks interesting. Get the man in the dock and he can name his handlers *and* his commanders *and* the people who pulled the triggers.
    I’m for it. Who is against it?

  • eireanne3

    video not working. Any chance of a you tube link to the programme?

  • Ernest Blofeld

    Ill get the info for a five spot..just get me a face cloth, bucket of water and butterknife upside down on a table with two legs

  • barnshee

    a knife that suts or sharpens stakes

  • WindowLean

    Can’t find sut in any dictionary either ;0))

  • barnshee

    left out an i– suits or sharpens