A Deal Today?

This in from the BBC Political Editor, Mark Devenport hints that we may have a deal but not as comprehensive as some might like;

The SDLP leader, Colum Eastwood had this to say about a possible deal today

The SDLP has a high standard for any outcome in this process. After so much peace processing, it’s time for a comprehensive resolution, not more shady deals, shabby deals and side deals. People deserve more, we’re listening to what they’re saying and we’ll judge any outcome based on what’s best for this society, not our own narrow interest

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  • Reader

    Robin Keogh: when bacjed into a corner.
    I don’t normally interrupt when a Shinner is engaged in dialogue with a dissie. However –
    Sinn Fein walked into that corner in spite of excellent advice given to them by some of their worst enemies.

  • Reader

    Robin Keogh: Sure by then we’ll have Irish Unity.
    Won’t that interfere with your plans to get devo max in the same timescale?
    Are you just putting up a smokescreen so that nobody knows what SF are doing? (Except the Army Council, of course)

  • Robin Keogh

    Flippin hell, u can see right through me. Spooky.

  • Catcher in the Rye

    No, I’m not, I just worded it badly.

    When I say “the powers exist within Stormont to implement our own welfare system and fund it ourselves” I mean that we have the power to run our own welfare state and raise the funds required to run it.

    The reason why we do not go down this route is because if we did, the British would no longer contribute the additional subsidies they currently provide. In short, Sinn Féin are unwilling to levy taxes to implement the welfare state they claim is required.