Budget 2016 – Early details from RTE…Who leaked?

On the eve of Budget 2016 RTE political correspondent Martina Fitzgerald has revealed some of what can be expected. This may cause some questions as to who is providing the information and for what reason. It would not be the first time it happened, an early press release caused a resignation from government 20 years ago. Whatever the story behind the early leaking of the Budget to RTE there is no doubt but that it contains quite a few goodies that will interest people, though not much good news for smokers.

Martina Fitzgerald twitter stream

RTE is also releasing details of a new allocation for housing and changes to the Universal Social Charge. If Michael Noonan was planning a big surprise tomorrow then some of his thunder may just have been stolen. There is also the fact that Finance Ministers rarely like such details leaked as it only gives more time to detractors to prepare their response. It will make for an interesting 24 hours if nothing else.

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