Cartoon – The many uses of a clothes-peg

Edwin Poots cartoon
In a tumult of controversies (in-out resignations, ministerial pay, talks and welfare reform) Edwin Poots has pushed the hard politics to the rear and brought the vintage ad hominem politics out of the cabinet and to the foreground.

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  • Mirrorballman


  • Nevin

    Brian, here is a similar observation by then Prime Minister John Major in the House of Commons on 1 November 1993:

    As ever, the hon. Gentleman [Mr Dennis Skinner] is very lucid, and as almost ever, he is entirely wrong. If the implication of his remarks is that we should sit down and talk with Mr. Adams and the Provisional IRA, I can say only that that would turn my stomach and those of most hon. Members; we will not do it. If and when there is a total ending of violence, and if and when that ending of violence is established for a significant time, we shall talk to all the constitutional parties that have people elected in their names. I will not talk to people who murder indiscriminately.

    Four days later then Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd flew over to Northern Ireland for a meeting with ‘Martin and Mitchell’ but there’s no mention of stomach settlers or clothes-pegs.

    Aren’t ad hominem attacks the stock-in-trade of cartoonists?

  • peepoday

    just shows the lies that were told to fool the public.

  • eireanne

    Unionist parties, particularly the DUP , have form in expressing contempt for republicans/nationalists/catholics in NI. What impression does their attitude make when you see examples of their actions all set out , one after the other, as is done here, with an explanation of what contempt signifies in society?

  • Kevin Breslin

    The origin of the “hold our noses’ meme as far as I am aware was something the NSDAP said before going into the Reichstag.

    The moral of the story might be Bicker or hatebomb Sinn Féin, that’s the rough and trouble of politics but please don’t use a reverse Godwin’s Law to critize an organisation on their past violence and murder.

  • aquifer

    Judging by the long term failure of integrationalist DUP politics, and our estranged political status, the English must feel the same about sectarian fundamentalists.

  • Idiot. Possibly libellous…

  • Pasty2012

    The DUP were not only involved with sharing platforms with UVF terrorist Murderers but also had them in their ranks, George Seawright was a DUP councilor and UVF Member known by the Security services to have been involved in multiple murders of innocent Catholics. Poots like most Unionists like to change History to show them as being the people who suffered and not those who inflicted the pain. Poots and most members of the DUP/UUP long for the days when they could change the rules of Democracy to ensure they won the seats no matter how many Nationalists lived in an election area.
    I am sure if people go through the court reports and the papers from the past they will find many more Unionist members responsible for crimes and as David Ervine of the PUP/UVF so honestly said before he died, the DUP Begged the UVF NOT to go on Ceasefire in the early 1990’s. If the DUP didn’t want a ceasefire then they could only have wanted one thing and it wasn’t Peace.