Left parties (AAA-PBP) propose a unity government with Sinn Fein only…

Fascinating twist in Dublin as speculation intensifies over a November election…

TDs Richard Boyd Barrett, Paul Murphy and Ruth Coppinger attended a press conference in a Dublin city centre hotel on Thursday, saying they were preparing for a November election.

The new grouping, to be known as Anti-Austerity Alliance-People Before Profit (AAA-PBP) plans to contest 27 constituencies.

Also at the top table at the event were Dublin Councillors Bríd Smith and Gino Kenny, along with Cork Councillor Mick Barry.
Outgoing TD Joe Higgins, who supports the merger, was in the audience.

Mr Boyd Barrett described the development as “hugely significant” and said he was confident it would be greeted with enthusiasm by people who had protested against water charges and other issues.

“Finally they have a political home to which they can look which has a real opportunity to break with the failed austerity policies and the failed political establishment which has brought this country to its knees,” he said.

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