Cartoon – Unionist power play…

Stormont cartoon
In the fallout from the murder of Kevin McGuigan and the decision of Nesbitt to play the strong man the DUP have had to tilt the unionist axis back towards Dundela Avenue, deploying the “in-out” routine as part of he “no business as usual” policy.

All this means the health minister has been kept away from his position in office.

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  • mickfealty

    Do you have to be ‘old’ to get that Brian?

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Said Health Minister looked decidedly uncomfortable on this weeks The View. I’m about to use the words intelligent, non secretarian and DUP in the same sentence so bear with me. Hamilton appears genuinely uncomfortable with the Unionist duplicity as he wants to get on with his job and knows his party’s in/out Hokey Cokey is resulting in the loss of people’s lives as “his” Health Service stagnates. He “appears” an intelligent, not bigoted individual, so a first for the DUP cabal.

  • Kevin Breslin

    I do question if politicians unionist and nationalists (and other) have more of a problem with the power element of power-sharing rather than the sharing part. It’s not something that is going to hurt the DUP and UUP to get out of the Executive with Alliance cutting university and police service, Sinn Féin cutting schools and farm subsidies and the SDLP cutting local government finances to balance the books.

    Co-operation is great, but sharing blame isn’t!

  • submariner

    So why is is
    he a member of a party steeped in sectarian bigotry?

  • Kevin Breslin

    The thing about the Health ministry is you can intellectualise the issue until you’re blue in the face. People don’t want analysis or hypotheticals they want action. Health ministers aren’t hospital managers or medical researchers, they are primarily money allocators.

  • Sergiogiorgio

    It’s neither Kevin. They are elected to “do a job”. Unfortunately their perception of “the job” is to keep themmuns down at all costs when the reality should be to run a Health Service, Education, Environment etc. That’s why I felt for Hamilton, who genuinely appeared to want to get on with the job at hand and to hell with his party’s abysmal political Hokey Cokey (he just looked embarrassed).
    If one of your grandparents is on a waiting list for a hip replacement, cataract surgery etc, the realty of the DUP position is that the wait just got longer.
    The clock is ticking…..

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Ask him, not me.

  • Kevin Breslin

    Out of all the DUP health ministers … I actually have the least sympathy for him, he seems to have resigned the job with little protest or fight. It might be more convenient for the husband of their newest MLA to run the health service and have Hamilton come back to make populist decisions like the Cancer fund whenever he can than to focus on the major difficulties facing health service that Jim Wells and Edwin Poots had to face.

    I don’t reserve cynicism just for them, both Sinn Féin and the SDLP as well as the UUP passed the health department over this term. As much as I don’t want to I can forgive Alliance, because the DUP choose Health and left them with Employment and Learning,

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Unfortunately there’s no such thing in the DUP as a “no vote” against the party line. As much as I detest Peter Robinson he runs a tight ship. Just take a look at what they did to Jenny Palmer if you want to see what the DUP to anyone questioning the party line. I agree that it’s not only the DUP but they are my personal bete noire.

  • peepoday

    Power sharing has not worked and never did work.Unionists should not have entered the set up at Stormont.Both unionist parties are now trapped in the mire they were drawn into.They are both desperate to please voters who are anti agreement,the strongman act fools nobody.Return to government from Westminster.

  • Carlos Fleming

    The health service should be run independtly like the police service is. “Accountable” in some sense of the word, but ultimately allowed to run itself.