The DUP ministerial merry-go-round continues……

The DUP ministerial team were back at their desks this afternoon but not for long….



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  • Heather Richardson

    This ‘strategy’ makes them look like idiots. You’d get a more mature approach to problem-solving in a primary school.

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Do you think in the quiet moments, they feel some embarrassment at these “tactics”? Do you think they grasp the disgust in which they are held by all right minded people? Are they so without self awareness that they think their positions are tenable/sensible? These people are paid to represent us and they give us less than nothing. Whatever their “justification”, imagined or otherwise, this is nothing less than insanity. I’m not sure if I should detest or pity them. They should be called to account.

  • Do they get paid after their resignation letters go in? Are their pension payments stopped?

  • Heather Richardson

    They’ve a fair brass neck about many things, so I doubt any of them feel embarrassed. What should concern them and their supporters is that this kind of stunt-politics eclipses the issue it is meant to be a response to. They look like eejits, and the general public can’t remember why they’re doing it.

  • Redstar

    Are they really any worse than all the others up there when it comes to being self serving career politicians on the Punch and Judy gravy train

    Plus let’s not forget none of these parties elect themselves. It’s the mugs who listen to them and go out and mark their X

  • Thomas Barber

    “Do you think in the quiet moments, they feel some embarrassment at these “tactics”

    Not at all but everyone except themselves know them for the hypocrites they are.

  • eireanne

    DUP boys go round and round. Apparently they are going to resign, and resign, and resign, Good luck to them and the demented idiot who thought up this “strategy”

  • Zig70

    I can’t believe GP’s on £100k or more a year were complaining that they need direction from these twits.

  • Sergiogiorgio

    It’s a double betrayal Thomas. They are the very thing they propport to hate – supporters of terrorism, past and present. Couple this to their “job” of engaging to the betterment of the people of NI, and all they can do is resign, resign and resign again. A pox upon them!

  • sadie

    No they will continue to be paid and well. The people who have been Duped by them will continue to vote for them in their sheep like manner. These politicians mostly care only for money / power and do very little to bring true equality, justice and peace for NI.They will sadly keep blighting our lives.

  • Catcher in the Rye

    True in both cases, but it depends on whether those who voted DUP think that this tactic is worthwhile. I think a lot of them are more likely to want the messing about to stop.

  • hotdogx

    This whole thing has become a fiasco!!!

  • T.E.Lawrence

    The only people who can call them to account is the Electors !

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I just keep hearing this as the sound-track to the DUPs attempt to prove Nietzsche’s doctrine of perpetual re-occurrance:

  • murdockp

    Any one interested in starting a new political party as the NI population needs a fresh start from this lot, let me know by return.

  • Jag

    If the term “graduated response” hadn’t been so discredited last year, then you’d be hearing about it today from the DUP. They haven’t just withdrawn from the North-South Ministerial Council and the Executive, and resigned 3 of their 4 executive ministers, they’re now boycotting the Assembly (judging by the empty seats this week).

    Is there anything left in their arsenal of “graduated response” short of collapsing the Assembly and triggering new elections which will usher in First Minister Martin McGuinness?

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Only if the electorate have an alternative credible choice.

  • Zeno

    “which will usher in First Minister Martin McGuinness?”

    How much would you like to bet?

  • T.E.Lawrence

    In Polarised Politics there is none, and they know that in any elections to be held they shall always be returned !

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Supported as they are by that portion of the electorate that appear to vote “by standing order.”

  • SeaanUiNeill
  • SeaanUiNeill

    Pretty much since Surrender and Re-grant was thought of to “civilise” us all in the reign of Henry VIII.

  • T.E.Lawrence

    Greens worth a bet for the 6th seat in South Belfast ! Very Much achievable ! Need to get about 2.5K FPV and then sweep up all the transfers. I have £100 Quid on it with a mate who gave me 5/1 Six months ago. He is getting a bit nervous now !

  • IRF

    How come there isn’t the need for this rigmarole in relation to the vacant UUP Ministry? (a post which has remained unfilled for three weeks now)

  • the rich get richer

    It used to be learning to dance for Lonergans Ball !

    Now its the Balls-up Shuffle ! In Again! Out Again !

  • Jag

    What have you, and odds of 1/10.

    UUP and DUP at each other’s throats with TUV pouring as much oil on the flames as they can. UKIP developing a presence, and surely the Tories will field helicoptered candidates after last May’s outings. DUP will be lucky to get 20%.

    SF are acting maturely, “protecting the vulnerable”, keeping ministers in place and trying to make politics work – at least that will be the narrative. But what about PIRA, you say? Even if you accept the Chief Constable’s comments, PIRA is there exclusively for peaceful aims. SF will stick with 25%.

  • barnshee

    -The Hokey Cokey— Childish – if you are going to go GO

  • Zeno

    I lay all you have at twice those odds.

  • kalista63

    Worse than that, it makes us all look like idiots most dangerously to the outside world.

  • kalista63

    Nope. Like their fundy friends, they circulate exclusively among birds of their feather, where no analysis or diversion is accepted. We saw with the Jennifer Palmer case what bullies they are, their gang mentality when they bullied the committee to protect Brimstone.

    Just imagine what goes on that we don’t see.

  • eireanne

    does anyone want to know what a real graduated response is? or where the term derived from? And what it means in the context of NI? Look no further