“Sinn Fein has played sectarian politics and failed to acknowledge issues with the Provisionals…”

In a speech to his parliamentary party this afternoon Micheal Martin has added this tuppence worth on the current impasse:

The current crisis in Northern Ireland has in recent years been a slow-motion crash obvious to anyone paying attention.  The two governments came to office and, without doing anything, hung up ‘Mission Accomplished’ banners and decided to leave everything to the DUP and Sinn Fein.

Those parties have presided over an ever more dysfunctional and ineffective set of institutions which have alienated the public and directly destabilised the first set of democratically legitimate institutions the North has ever had.

Sinn Fein has increasingly played sectarian politics and failed to acknowledge let alone address issues with the Provisional movement to which they belong.  They can find people to expel when a TD is challenged at a convention but do nothing when child abuse, criminality and murder are exposed.

Fianna Fáil led the search for peace and delivered a series of historic breakthroughs for constitutional republicanism.  The institutions must not be allowed to collapse and they must be rescued from the partisan and sectarian behaviour of the DUP and Sinn Fein.

There is also a huge potential for economic growth and service development in the Border region which is being wasted because of a neglectful Executive and disinterested governments.  We intend putting the reinvigoration of the process of peace, reconciliation and development as a key part of our agenda for the next Dáil.



  • chrisjones2

    I don’t accept that the two Governments carry any of the blame. Its like holding parents accountable the actions of children now in their 40s That is the issue. Unless the local parties stepped up and did it it was always bound to end this way

  • Redstar

    You really cannot take FF seriously when they say they ” led the search for peace!!!!”

  • Sliothar

    If all that guff was REALLY about SF’s transgressions, and they certainly have many, I would listen to this man but he exposes what all his posturing is actually about in his last sentence:
    “We intend putting the reinvigoration of the process of peace,
    reconciliation and development as a key part of our agenda for the next

    Clear the decks, everybody, we’re in election mode!

  • gendjinn

    Reynolds & Ahern with Blair, Clinton, Hume and Adams dragged the peace process over the line against Trimble, Paisley, Major and Bruton.

    Without Reynolds & Ahern at the helm of Ireland, Blair at the helm of the UK, Clinton at the helm of the USA and Hume/Adams at the helm of Nationalism there would have been no GFA. A single one of them not on the stage and the Troubles are still rumbling on.

    Kenny & Martin would be more on the Bruton side of the equation, although nowhere near as bad.

  • Nevin

    Micheál’s FFluff is online:

    There will be an election either in late November or at the end of February – whichever it is we will be ready for them. We will be ready to challenge their record and offer a credible alternative.

    “Those parties [DUP and SF] have presided over an ever more dysfunctional and ineffective set of institutions”

    FF helped design the tug-of-war 1998 deal so Michaél should accept some culpability for the ensuing shambles. To add insult to injury Ahern opened the prison gates without a quid pro quo on munitions and organised crime. Why is he whinging about SF playing the green card when Irish governments also play the green card to varying degrees?

  • Redstar

    You reckon that makes up for decades of sitting on the sidelines and worse- assisting in the pogroms and injustice against the Nationalist people of the North both by enthusiastically helping discredited security services and by providing political cover for their British masters?

    They are and always will be remembered in my community for PROLONGING the suffering in the North, not their self serving Johnny come lately platitudes which served their own political self interests at the time of others attempting to reach a resolution

  • gendjinn

    I don’t understand how any of that refutes the aid, support and leadership Reynolds/Ahern provided for the peace process and eventually the GFA.

    There is certainly truth in what you say but FF enthusiastically supporting the RUC, UDR, BA – I don’t remember it that way. Extradition to the UK, failing to enforce our borders when the UK military repeatedly violated them, co-operation between GS & RUC, yes. But weren’t they initiated and pushed by FG, not FF and certainly not enthusiastically? Is this the Troubles we’re talking about or the entire history of the NI state?

  • Redstar

    FF enthusiastically had their state forces assist those forces in the North whom they KNEW were indulging in murder and assassination of Nationalists. Try and dress that up any smart way you want but that’s just fact.

    You mention extradition- they happily and again enthusiastically handed over people to a state and security services whom they KNEW were murdering innocent Nationalists. FF a Republican Party-yeah right!!!!

  • mickfealty

    So, here’s a slightly rhetorical question: Are you saying that assassination of unionists and assorted other Irish born men, women and children should not have mattered to a sovereign Irish government committed to exclusively peaceful means then Red?

  • Redstar

    I am not Mick

    . What I am saying is pretty straightforward .

    Many of us who lost relatives and neighbours slaughtered by unionist parmilitaries who were helped by the British security services ( Cameron has admitted that at one stage up to 80% of UDA info was being given to them by security forces- and apologised for this) will NEVER forgive those who knew what was going on yet continued to directly assist those security forces (FF/FG) or those ( SDLP) who continued to tell our community to give information to those forces who were in turn giving the info to unionist killers

  • gendjinn

    Well OK then. This conversation would continue more profitably if you would read the words I’m writing, not assume I’m a defender of FF, or indeed any of the Irish governments decisions regarding the north from 1922 until the peace process.

    Can you point me to some examples of their enthusiasm in any of these deeds?

  • gendjinn


    the Republic should not have provided one iota of support to the UK or northern state. When the British military violated the Republics border “by accident” as they did so often, they should not have been repatriated, they should have been interned until the GFA was signed. The government should not have spent a single penny on the border the UK wanted.

    If you want to talk about justice and rule of law – where are the prosecutions for the murders in Derry on January 30th 1972. If the UK government wasn’t going to provide justice or the rule of law, then you have no right to ask it of anyone else involved in the conflict or just sitting on the sidelines. There’s something about beams, motes and eyes that’s relevant here I believe.

  • Redstar

    Did they or did they not have their security forces assist their counterparts in the North who were in turn giving the info to unionist killers to slaughter innocent nationalists?

    Did they or did they not hand people over the border to a corrupt and murderous regime ?

    Where were FF when northern nationalists were being gunned down by unionist murder gangs who were assisted in no small way by info given to them by British sec services-

    You cannot change the facts. The role they played in maintaing both the regime and its various killer gangs will not and should not be forgotten.

    They didn’t just stand idly by in 1969 they couldn’t help the RUC etc enough even though they knew innocents were being slaughtered because of assistance by the corrupt state they too were helping

    I have no time whatsoever for SF but I will never forgive nor forget during the darkest days watching FF/FG come on Rte to tell us how closely they were helping the Ruc and British or coming on to gleefully boast about the latest Irishman they had handed over to the Northern regime

  • gendjinn

    Where’s the enthusiasm?

  • Redstar

    I haven’t a clue which straw you are trying to clutch at.

    Let’s hear your denials of one single charge I have laid against FF FG SDLP re their vile collaboration which cost innocent Nationalist lives.

  • gendjinn

    OK. I deny that FF did any of these things with enthusiasm.

  • Gingray

    I like Michaéls words, if he ever followed it up with meaningful action I would be impressed.

  • Mary Anna Quigley

    PIRA, PSF murdered more Catholics than the rest of those state, yes many went to prision – lets us not forget thousands were put out of their homes during shinners

    dirty war against anyone who got in their way , did not agree with them.Children beat kneecapped girls tarred feathered .
    state murdered 365 persons- PIRA PSF murdered over 2,500 innoncent people, going about their business. Were was equality for those who work to provide for there families.
    Micheal Martin , Enda Kenny never killed for power& control like those godfathers who wrecked NI civil rights, right to trust- justice – accountability. What I cant understand why do people support terrorists who terrorise their own communities! Promise a better tomorrow and tomorrow never comes.

  • Mister_Joe

    You might wish to consult something like CAIN before you quote dubious statistics. How many of the 2500 you misleadingly quote were murdered by SF?

  • Robin Keogh

    MM is correct, Fine Gael have done all they ever do when it comes to the North, stick their fingers in their ears and close their eyes, the Tories are just as bad. Put the two together and you get exactly what MM is talking about but a slow moving but certain crash. While MM in terms of the North is nothing more than a plastic duck when compared to Ahern and Reynolds he is also a man on a mission to shore up his creaking leadership which will be crushed if Fianna Fail do not do exceptionally well in the next general election. His target of course is SF and his concern for the North and the institutions come in well behind the performance of the Cork camogie team. Naturally he throws in the DUP as somehow equally as bad as the bogey men Shinners in a vain attempt to display balance but the fact that he thinks nobody can see through his fake moral outrage shows how weak his natural intuition is.

    He ignores the PSNI and the Gardai as he indirectly accuses SF of being linked to murder and criminality, caring little for the victims of such crimes by deliberately and sickeningly using them in an altogether disgusting manner. MM does not believe in the rule of law, or justice and due process, he is part of that arrogant, entitled and downright ugly FF culture of ignoring the institutions of the state and deliberately corrupting the truth for selfish political gain. He has failed miserably to bring FF away from their wipe out in the last election, he is one of the greatest FF failures as leader in the history of the party. His current behaviour and comments are deliberate untruths and show the man as a hopeless, desperate and pathetic failure.

  • Steve Larson

    Micheal Martin wouldn’t care if the North was burnt to the ground, this is about SF’s threat to FF.

  • Virginia

    “Pursuit of the Obvious”, fun game.

  • Smugger O’Fools

    “directly destabilised the first set of democratically legitimate institutions the North has ever had”

    Says everything about how little the likes of FF can be trusted. By international standards the initial institutions set up in NI were a far more democratically legitimate and sustainable system than the post-1998 shambles, whereby a farcical and non-workable system of government was set up in order to appease traitors and terrorists . Too many putting the blame even on those who opposed such a shambolic system – a system which would be unacceptable and unworkable anywhere else in the world . You only have yourselves to blame for voting ‘yes’ in 1998.

  • James7e

    I think she is referring to the fact that SF and the IRA were so inextricably linked as to be, to all intents and purposes, the same thing.

  • Reader

    Redstar: Did they or did they not have their security forces assist their counterparts in the North who were in turn giving the info to unionist killers to slaughter innocent nationalists?
    What sort of information from southern security forces is remotely useful in helping loyalists to murder innocent nationalists? A spare copy of the Belfast Phone directory, perhaps?

  • Mary Anna Quigley

    47,500 injured all linked guilty as sin. They really have not gone away. Take their power we are all doomed. Power greed need to control most vulnerable. What happen in past can happen again if you do not agree their policy hurt harm destroy life. For power.

  • James7e

    And indeed we have Ken Livingstone on Nolan today trying to defend his and Corbyn’s sycophancy towards the IRA by saying that he and JC were uninterested in talking to the SDLP, only Sinn Fein “because they were the ones doing the fighting”. Not that Nolan called him on it, mind you. Strange how simplistically, and idiotically, the Left see the world.

  • Croiteir

    Once again we see MM and his faux concern for the north in general. It is always done with an eye on southern politics. He is disgracefully using us a political football. If his concern was genuine he would have had FF reps sitting, or at least competing to sit, in Stormont to steer that ship of state from the rocks. Sorry MM, the players on the pitch are ignoring you, and the rest of the crowd are quietly gathering the children and leaving you plenty of space from which to do your guldering.