Labour’s New Leadership…

Tom Watson has been elected deputy leader [not worth a bucket of warm piss? – Ed] on the third count and, as expected, Jeremy Corbyn is now the new leader of the Labour Party having taken 59.4% of the vote in the first round.

Phil Rogers has a breakdown of voting by category – full party members, affiliated (trade union members) and registered (those who paid £3 to vote).

The BBC notes the percentages

Corbyn result

No word on how Labour MPs voted… But here’s one reaction from a shadow minister.

Let the games begin…  [Have we woken up yet? – Ed]

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  • chrisjones2

    So its Jezza in the Lead with Tom “Red Rag? I knew nothing” Watson fully supporting him from behind.

    What a combination. The feuds within Unionism will have nothing on this one as the bruvvas unite to deselect, eliminate and personally destroy those they see as the Blairite contagion to the true faith.

    What odds on a new Social Democrat party by 2016?