Don’t be complacent about where we’ve come from

Politics has never really been a pick-me-up has it? But I get the distinct feeling that this Summer’s display, has far surpassed anything I have witnessed in recent years. For all those folks in Northern Ireland feeling disheartened by the latest meltdown at The House on the Hill, take a glance at some of the images emerging from the Middle East and the Mediterranean today, and you’ll almost certainly recognise the distance Ulster has come to reach an exclusively political impasse. Rather than being mired in bombs, murder and the genuine disintegration of civil society in both Syria and Iraq, Northern Ireland is dealing with a critical, but currently insoluble juncture in its socio-political development. Does this really mean that have to be so despondent about each setback we face? No, it means that we realise living in a post-conflict society, dominated by the veto-wielding measures of power-sharing government, was never going to be straightforward!

  • Gopher

    There is absolutely no reason not to be complacent about where we have come from. Comparrisons with the Middle East are nothing short of hilarious. The troubles were a mere skirmish, 30 years of low intensity gangsterism masquerading as patriotism. Today with complete complacency I can state you are still dealing with the same gangsters parasitically attached to the patriot host pretending rather absurdly to be administering governance. Zero delivery yesterday, today or tomorrow. If anyone thinks the same cannon fodder is available to sustain another 30 year campaign they are nothing short of delusional. Nope time for nothing but rosie complacency to see how the 21st century deals with yesterday’s people.

  • aquifer

    I realise the current ‘Crisis’ is Unionist bunkum. The armed UVF and other loyalist alphabet soupery are free to drive employers out of Belfast after sucking them dry, or to intimidate political opponents who have the timerity to resemble real British political parties, or to engage in baiting British citizens who happen to be of the Catholic religion by dressing in seventeenth century military regalia and banging big drums, that is when they are not painting hooded assassination gangs with twentieth century military firearms on street gables or selling counterfeit fags. And then the drugs. I think I need some, now.

  • Turgon

    The attempted comparison between Northern Ireland and Syria is utter nonsense. Approximately 3500 people died as a result of the Troubles: in the worst year I think (though I do not have the details to hand) twice as many people died on the roads.

    In contrast a number of hundreds of thousands of people have died in Syria over the last 4-5 years many more in Iraq since 2003.

    At no time did our society break down to even a remotely similar extent to how it has done in Syria or Iraq

    Petty point scoring or smug comparisons between us and those other situations merely shows how little the author understands and indeed is arguably racist as at some level it equates the deaths of a few thousand with that of hundreds of thousands. All lives matter equally: as such the situations are non comparable.

  • mickfealty

    Can you ping me on PC?

  • jm

    Let’s count our blessings and tonight, thank god it’s them instead of you.Doesn’t add anything to any understanding of politics or conflict or ‘post-conflict’ anywhere.

  • sadie

    On Monday on Cyprus Avenue a musical genius brought people from Belfast and all over the world together to celebrate his 70th birthday.Fame took him away from East Belfast but the city which inspired him keeps bringing him back. Cyprus Avenue remains much as it was fifty years ago when Van Morrison immortalized it, unscathed by the troubles, unlike other parts of the city which still have to live with the legacy.Hopefully when the Nama saga/fallout from kevin McGuigan’s murder are behind them the politicians, MLAS etc left standing will move on, do what they are elected to do and put the welfare/rights of the people first.A good start would be to have an official PEACE/REMEMBRANCE day or festival.

  • Piaras Connolly

    Your condescending attack on this post is rather smug. I am not attempting to draw a comparison – that is something which you have quite legitimately drawn from the piece. I am merely trying to inject a note of optimism into the political crisis unfolding in NI; not at the expense of innocent Syrians, but in light of the devastating images that have emerged today. Perhaps, you should consider this before making arbitrary assumptions about my knowledge of the Troubles and the geopolitical history of the Middle East, and more importantly the intentions of my piece.

    I’m sure you’re aware that no two wars are the same and one death toll can (or/should never) be equated with another! This would simply be poor historical analysis and not something I ever entertain when writing at any level.

  • jm

    PC, What you wrote was still nonsense though, pauses, in my opinion.

  • Barneyt

    I am going to take the message literally and run with it, “Don’t be complacent about where we’ve come from”. Wise words, but they will remain unheard. Short term political and pointless gain and journalistic mental self-masturbation will override, as far as I can see.