Don’t be complacent about where we’ve come from

Politics has never really been a pick-me-up has it? But I get the distinct feeling that this Summer’s display, has far surpassed anything I have witnessed in recent years. For all those folks in Northern Ireland feeling disheartened by the latest meltdown at The House on the Hill, take a glance at some of the images emerging from the Middle East and the Mediterranean today, and you’ll almost certainly recognise the distance Ulster has come to reach an exclusively political impasse. Rather than being mired in bombs, murder and the genuine disintegration of civil society in both Syria and Iraq, Northern Ireland is dealing with a critical, but currently insoluble juncture in its socio-political development. Does this really mean that have to be so despondent about each setback we face? No, it means that we realise living in a post-conflict society, dominated by the veto-wielding measures of power-sharing government, was never going to be straightforward!