Adams: ‘Those who threaten to take action against Sinn Féin in the Assembly and Executive have no basis whatsoever for this.’

Continuing the round of statements from party leaders, the Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has spoken about the recent developments in the McGuigan murder. Here are his comments;

The killing of Kevin McGuigan was wrong and those who were involved in it are criminals who do not represent republicanism. The so-called group Action against Drugs is a criminal gang. It is a mix of criminals and former republicans who have engaged in intimidation and violence in pursuit of their criminal ends.

My thoughts are with the McGuigan family. Anyone with any information on this brutal murder should bring it forward to the PSNI.

So too should anyone with information on the killing of Jock Davison.

There has been a lot of speculation and media spin about whether the IRA was involved in the killing of Kevin McGuigan.

The IRA was not involved.

In July 2005 the IRA left the stage. Its leadership ordered an end to the armed campaign; its representatives to ‘engage with the IICD to complete the process to verifiably put its arms beyond use’ and instructed its volunteers to take part only in ‘purely political and democratic programmes’ and no ‘other activities whatsoever’.

All of this was done as part of a genuine initiative to build a just and lasting peace and in support of the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.

Those who threaten to take action against Sinn Féin in the Assembly and Executive have no basis whatsoever for this. Sinn Féin’s mandate and the rights and entitlements of our electorate deserve exactly the same respect and protection as anyone else’s’.

The events surrounding the murders of Jock Davison and Kevin McGuigan and their investigation are matters for the PSNI.

David McCann holds a PhD in North-South relations from University of Ulster. You can follow him on twitter @dmcbfs

  • Ernekid

    Let’s be realistic about this. Its just an inner city gangland killing by some ex paramilitary thugs fighting over drug dealers.

    It’s not really cause to collapse the Northern Ireland Assembly and bugger up years of political development

  • mickfealty

    ‘Just’? And where exactly is ‘Gangland’?

  • Deke Thornton

    1st point, yep.
    2nd point , who cares. “years of political development” Your having a giraffe.

  • “The IRA was not involved.”

    If you say so, Gerry…

    As for,

    “Continuing the round of statements from party leaders…”

    Really, David? That’s your excuse?

    Utter drivel.

    “speculation and media spin”

    No. Just the assessment of the police investigating the murder.

  • notimetoshine

    So we can take from this that the IRA still exists, its just ‘stood down’.

    They have been instructed to pursue solely democratic methods to achieve their goals.

    Nothing to stop elements of their ‘command’ or whatever they call themselves ordering illegal actions or getting themselves involved in illegal actions.

    Also rather concerning that they are ‘peaceful and democratic’ now, but if they change their minds? Forgive my naivety but I assumed that with decommissioning and so on that the IRA no longer existed in any form. The way that republicans have been talking about it, it is still about (with one would assume) some form of hierarchy and organisational structure.

    My concern is as much about its continued existence, as the brutal murders that seem to have resulted from some feud. Obviously they have the knowledge, the experience and the wherewithal to acquire and use guns, after all that was the raison d’etre of the IRA. I thought the IRA had gone out of business, no more guns in politics here, but evidently not.

    Adams doesn’t seem to either acknowledge or understand why some people might be concerned that his party (electoral mandate or not), is in bed with an organisation that while maybe disarmed has the experience and based on their record the willingness to kill. SF need to stop with the defensiveness, this isn’t the 80s or the 90s, there shouldn’t be any guns or links to guns amongst our parties in government.

    I know compromises were made for the sake of the peace process but seriously…

  • Dan

    Another spoof…..

  • chrisjones2

    “The IRA was not involved.”

    Weasel words

    How would you know Gerry. You were never in the IRA. So who told you? God? Your trampolining dog?

    “In July 2005 the IRA left the stage. ”

    We note the absence of the D word for “disbanded”. When an actor leaves the stage they stand in the wings and can walk on again

    “Its leadership ordered an end to the armed campaign; its representatives to ‘engage with the IICD to complete the process to verifiably put its arms beyond use’”

    But we know it didnt. It was involved in crimes and murders. It runs major oil smuggling rackets. PSNI says its involved in extortion and has a criminal agenda. It used AAD as a vehicle to murder those who opposed it.

    You say its not the IRA just ex IRA men under a different organisation. Yeah. Right. We all believe you

    And where did these guns come from? The Florida shipments arranged after decommissioning – remember those? What were those for by the way? Then there is the ‘decommissioned’ Semtex found in recent RIRA bombs . Whoops

    Your trampolining Labrador has more credibility

  • ranger1640

    Pantomime season has started early, Gerry Adams and Gerry Kelly’s lines, “They haven’t gone away ya know”!!! “Oh yes they have”!!! “They haven’t gone away ya know”!!! “Oh yes they have”!!! “They haven’t gone away ya know”!!! “Oh yes they have”!!! Repeat Ad infinitum to try and convince everyone “Oh yes they have” when everyone knows “they haven’t gone away ya know”!!!

  • ranger1640

    Well according to Sinn Fein/IRA and republicans “gangland” is only in Loyalist areas. However, the more we hear about the machinations of these two murdered senior republicans. “Gangland” seems to be well established and flourishing in republican areas.

  • Zeno

    Part of the IRA obviously still exists and Sinn Fein have no control over them is my assessment. Don’t forget when the PIRA formed all your local hardmen, criminals and petty criminals rushed to join. They weren’t the type to get jobs as spads or MLA’s so they went back to their old jobs when it ended.But this time they were heavily armed.

  • Superfluous

    You seem to be enjoying this Mick.

  • Sergiogiorgio

    It’s win/win for the DUP – i) ex Provo murdered – hurrah!; ii) chance to crash Stormont and blame the shinners – hurrah!
    Gesture politics by Robinson.
    Do you know what, I no longer really care.
    It’s all just pantomime politics…..

    We’ve all got tickets to political Dismaland.

  • Thomas Barber

    Indeed lets be realistic, this was not about drugs nor about criminality and I challenge anyone to produce any evidence whatsoever that would connect these two murders to either drugs, rackets or criminality. The dogs in the street, including the PSNI in republican areas know what this was really about and attempts by unionism to collectively punish all Sinn Fein and its electorate on the basis of assumption and nudge nudge wink wink take it from me evidence from the renamned RUC will be viewed as more of the same by the same people wearing different caps and it wouldn’t be surprising if it came out that state agents were involved in both murders.

  • Kemple End

    Could anyone tell me when and how someone becomes a “former republican”? Or is that really Gerry-Speak for ‘former PIRA”?

  • David McCann

    Hi Pete, I did the same with Peter Robinson’s statement 2 nights ago. Just trying to blog up the big information as it comes to me.

  • Redstar2014

    But Thomas its SF who endorsed this ” new” police force.

    Its SF who support them and the British Army as used recently in Derry

    its SF who told us ( Mr G Kelly on radio) that its a good thing to be an informer and help,MI5 etc.

    So frankly its hard to have any sympathy nor follow your logic

  • the rich get richer

    In comparison to Dublin Gangland (basically drug gangsters) Belfast/the North is a haven of peace.

    In some ways considering what the troubles came out of and were, it has been reasonably bloodless (until now at least). no comfort to the families of victims.

    Be careful for what some wish for.

    Relative peace in Northern Ireland is a precious place. If it goes back to the old days, Who would really want that ?

  • Thomas Barber

    Redstar Im not a Sinn Fein supporter and even if I was that doesn’t mean I either have to accept the Sinn Fein position on everything from policing to welfare reform or believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a member of the renamed RUC just because Sinn Fein endorsed the PSNI. Im just asking those who are attempting to connect the two murdered men to drugs rackets and criminality to produce the evidence.

  • Robin Keogh

    Gerry Adams statement will mean very little to those who have set their hearts and minds in stone against mainstream republicanism. The only way any of this can have an impact on Sinn Fein is if the party are proven to be either in control of these thugs or in support of them. Any group of people including ex IRA can get together and call themselves the PIRA, in fact they can call themselves what they want. Their actions and their existence are not supported or endorsed by Sinn Fein. Simple. Next.

  • LighterSide…

    I suppose if, for whatever reason, a person decides, “oh well it’s not so bad being a citizen of the United Kingdom…I’ll vote to stay in the UK or not bother to vote if the vote ever comes,” that person would be a former republican.

  • chrisjones2

    “this was not about drugs nor about criminality”

    PSNI have said it was …so what do you know that they don’t. What are your sources apart from the dogs in the street? Have you contacted PSNI to tell them the dogs say they are wrong? If not, why not?

    And what exactly do your dogs tell you it was about?

    And you infer that state agents were involved. Did the same dogs tell you that? Woof woof? Have you called the Ombudsman and complained? If not, why not?

    You seem utterly desperate. In another post you asked a similar question. I responded with several posts quoting the PSNI Detective, evidence from a bail hearing and two credible journalistic reports. Still you have your dogs to fall back on.

  • chrisjones2

    …or takes the Queens Salary and a seat at Stormont perhaps?

  • chrisjones2

    “The only way any of this can have an impact on Sinn Fein is if the party are proven to be either in control of these thugs or in support of them. ”

    No Robin. This is a game of two halves and depends on trust. If Unionists feel they have been had they have the right to pull the plug and walk away.

    Gerry aint the only one with a mandate

  • chrisjones2

    Why should they produce it to you?.

    Far better to produce it to the courts and an inquest in due course.

  • chrisjones2

    “Part of the IRA obviously still exists”

    It cannot do. Gerry says it doesnt and he wouldn’t lie to us

  • Redstar2014

    My point Thomas is SF are so in hoc with the British establishment including its various security services its a bit rich if they or any of their sheeplike followers start throwing about accusations against PSNI, MI5 etc

  • Thomas Barber

    Lets just stick to what the PSNI said which was criminals, dissidents and former members of the PIRA carried out the McGuigan murder they said noting about the murder being connected to drugs, rackets or criminality, thats just innuendo and personal opinion from people like yourself.

    Have a good look at the amount of posts regarding these murders on this site and im sure you’ll find a great many are from you desperately seeking to throw mud and hope it sticks.

    Its typically unionist of you to believe you know all about what goes on in nationalist areas using intelligence supplied from the same intelligence agencies that have been proven in the past to have abused their positions indeed even today are accused of witholding evidence, using delaying tactics at inquests, their lack of enthusiasm to proactively investigate and bring to justice all those police officers or state agents that were involved in hundreds of murders.

  • Catcher in the Rye

    … just as its typically republican to dismiss any suggestion that the IRA may be involved in drugs or rackets as the work of discredited security sources ..

  • Thomas Barber

    Like I said to Chris dont just say it produce the evidence.

  • Thomas Barber

    Redstar Im not disagreeing with you and your probably like myself im not a Shinner nor a supporter but both deaths were nothing to do with drugs, rackets or criminality.

  • Redstar2014

    Whilst I do not have the guts to be a committed pacifist, I HATE , loathe indeed fear violence. First and foremost these murders were horrible regardless of the motives. I tend to agree with you that there may have been some sort of grudge/ revenge issue involved but obviously I m just surmising .

  • Robin Keogh

    As i am sure u know Mick, Gangland is a place created by those who are part of gangs. Lets engage maturely eh.

  • Robin Keogh

    Doesnt take much to upset the sensitivities of unionism to the point it has to manufacture a crisis.

  • submariner

    My own thoughts are that these murders are part of a personal feud among ex provos and were not sanctioned by the Provo leadership if it still exists. As to consequences for the shinners unless an irrefutable link between them and the murders can be established then it’s business as usual up on the hill. What I do find laughable is the reaction of Unionists who are quite happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with the still active terrorists of the UDA and UVF it smacks of rank hypocrisy but is par for the course.

  • chrisjones2

    You ,missed out key bits of what they actually said

    “”Action Against Drugs as you may be aware made a public statement on 6 August that they would execute anybody who had any involvement or they believed had any involvement in the murder of Jock Davison,” he added.

    “It is my assessment that Action Against Drugs are a group of individuals who are criminals, violent dissident republicans and former members of the Provisional IRA.

    “They are dangerous, they are involved in violence and extortion of the nationalist and republican communities and they have a criminal agenda.”

    Now why would you selectively quote? Just before you revert to the old racist stereotyping manplaying “typically unionist of you” then another rant against the police and security services.

    What a pity we cant seem to get you to engage beyond this facile level

  • chrisjones2

    Have done twice.

    Where are your dogs. You say they know the reason for the murder. Pray tell us all

  • chrisjones2

    …and say they still support them….at least so long as they come to the ‘right’ conclusions

  • chrisjones2

    yeah…i mean ….two teensie murders and people get upset

  • james

    Really? Thank goodness our capital is Belfast and unlikely ever to be Dublin, then, if it’s that bad down there.

  • 241934 John Brennan

    ‘I was never in the IRA.’ ‘They haven’t gone away you know.’ ‘Criminals, not republicans, killed Davison and McGuigan.’ What’s the odds against Gerry, or Martin leaving doors unlocked at night times?

  • Thomas Barber
  • chrisjones2

    This is not SF’s choice. SF have a mandate. So does the DUP and if they choose to walk because of this it is their choice and hell, that is democracy folks

  • chrisjones2

    “bugger up years of political development”

    ….forgive me…. was I asleep …….. did I miss this

  • chrisjones2

    Yeah. I did


    Now as you are so certain what its not perhaps you or your dogs will tell us what it was

    The continuation of a dispute into the size of Sausage Rolls in the Maze in 1985?

    A debate on the true legacy of Michael Collins that got out of hand?

  • LighterSide…

    Here I thought you were a unionist and you’re singing from the dissy hymn book.

  • kalista63

    How can one expect trust from an ideology who’s very raison detre is paranoia, the infamous seige mentality?

  • Redstar2014

    Well let’s be honest . There’s plenty of wriggle room for the Stormont farce still to continue. As to the Unionists on here declaring their undying Luuurv for the Dup and their need to walk away….don’t be too sure about that.

    Marty loves Robbo and Robbo loves Marty. Two middle aged career politicians with morals/ principles which can be stretched, twisted, changed and moulded as the situation requires.

  • kalista63

    Actually, a screw’s cap badge does the job.

  • kalista63

    What’s Slugger’s most famous rule?

  • Stravage

    Gerry Adams is correct about the gang and it’s components. A murderous gang consolidating it’s market share. Face the hot potato.

  • kalista63

    Listen from about 7 minutes in

    Not only is Campbell not completely buying this, the Police Federation are pretty pished off about Geddes’ statement too

  • Kemple End

    Call me a cynic, but when Adams spins that line I think he is referring to those who don’t follow Sinn Fein’s version of Republicanism. Or those who he desperately doesn’t want to be Republicans. Actually, those two are probably the same thing!

  • kalista63
  • Jag

    So, PIRA still exists.

    “Shooto, ergo sum” as Descartes might have said.

  • mary

    What people do not seem to realise , is that PIRA, who is PSf, were defeated their dirty war – against men women children babies, I.e. those who got in their way. TONY got them out of a hole for the sake of his ego. Tribes following like sheep .

  • LighterSide…

    I agree.
    If I say I’m an anti-disillusionmentarianist, who’s to say otherwise?

  • David

    You missed the “big information” when you blogged Peter Robinson’s statement. That was in the PSNI press conference.

    And you miss a key element in building a Baconian historie when you simply transcribe statements from both Peter Robinson and Gerry Adams. Or, indeed, anyone else.

    Bacon came to the fundamental insight that facts cannot be collected from nature, but must be constituted by methodical procedures, which have to be put into practice by scientists in order to ascertain the empirical basis for inductive generalizations. His induction, founded on collection, comparison, and exclusion of factual qualities in things and their interior structure, proved to be a revolutionary achievement within natural philosophy, for which no example in classical antiquity existed. His scala intellectus has two contrary movements “upwards and downwards: from axiomata to experimenta and opera and back again” (Pérez-Ramos 1988, 236). Bacon’s induction was construed and conceived as an instrument or method of discovery. Above all, his emphasis on negative instances for the procedure of induction itself can claim a high importance with regard to knowledge acquisition and has been acclaimed as an innovation by scholars of our time. Some have detected in Bacon a forerunner of Karl Popper in respect of the method of falsification. Finally, it cannot be denied that Bacon’s methodological program of induction includes aspects of deduction and abstraction on the basis of negation and exclusion.

    In other words, you need to assess each addition to the archive on the basis of how it accords to what has gone before.

    But, as Andrew Sullivan said, “[Blogging] is, in many ways, writing out loud.”

    You blog what you think.

    Personally, I’ve previously described the process”>described the process, for me on occasion, as being more akin to a Baconian history… extreme sports being… well, dangerous

    See criticism of Bacon here.

  • Catcher in the Rye

    I really don’t understand what the point is in having Slugger staff bloggers making these little swipes at each other all the time.

  • Mister_Joe

    I am not a supporter or fan of S.F. But it seems to me that they have passed all of the tests set of them. They are purely political, support the PSNI, and have a mandate from a majority of catholics (for want of a better term). They simply cannot be excluded from political power because former members of the PIRA continue to associate. Murder has to be dealt with by the Police and S.F. have called for that. Excluding S.F. from the Executive will mean an end to the Assembly (maybe not a bad thing) but it will mean a return to Direct Rule with who knows what the ultimate conclusion will be. Joint rule with Dublin? Robinson needs to be careful what he wishes for. His former boss apparently believed that that would be the outcome if power wasn’t shared.

  • barnshee

    SF could conduct public executions at the City Hall and it would not deny their support base

  • mickfealty

    Really? That was intended as a serious question (albeit prompted an old piece written by Richard Delevan in the Sunday Tribune years back).

    Let me try a definition? Gangland is a constructed place where people can be killed or maimed without worry or concern to those who ‘aren’t involved’.

    Not really enjoying…

  • Mister_Joe

    That’s a disgusting suggestion. Shame on you.

  • chrisjones2

    Well they shot the last one about 600m from the City Hall (as the crow files) so what is the difference?

  • chrisjones2

    Oi tell it as it is

    They claim they won the war so they are sitting in a British Assembly, paid British salaries and all their legislation has to be signed off by Liz before it becomes law

  • Jag

    I still don’t know what the PSNI means by saying PIRA “still exists”

    PIRA was an organisation which had the objective of reunifying Ireland through military means. That involved recruiting, fund-raising, weapons procurement, research and development, training, intelligence gathering, community policing, propaganda and carrying out attacks on people and property. PIRA had a command structure and a membership and a code for its operations and members.

    In 2005, PIRA announced a cessation. In simple terms, I understood that the members didn’t just spontaneously combust, and because they shared experiences and probably aims, they were likely to associate as individuals afterwards. However, I did understand that they were no longer carrying out those actions that they carried out before, and there was no longer a command structure and membership. So, for example, if Mick the former volunteer told Paddy the former OC to feck off and buy his own pint in the bar, there wasn’t going to be a court martial.

    But in 2015, the PSNI is now saying PIRA still exists. What does that mean? Is it still carrying out all those actions that it carried out previously (PSNI says no, but what actions is it responsible for in 2015) ? Does it still have a command structure and a membership and a code for its operations and members? If it is just an organisation promoting peace, then how is it different to SF and why is there a need for a separate organisation?

    Sorry, I think the PSNI have been let off the hook by not being questioned over precisely what it means by saying PIRA still exists. This isn’t some nebulous philosophical question, and it needs answering.

    Equally, SF may be getting it in the neck unfairly if Mick the former volunteer is getting involved in criminality. Does the fact that he is a former volunteer mean “PIRA still exists”?

  • MainlandUlsterman

    You’re right Jag on the PSNI statements on this – it’s not a small thing to say the PIRA is still in existence and it begs a lot of questions about what it is doing, what it means now to be a member of it and so on.
    But I think it’s not just a case of former PIRA members being involved in criminality in their new lives – this seems to go beyond that, precisely because of your first point, that we are told the PIRA still exists. There are current members, that is. Whether any were involved in these killings, let’s see. But the PSNI has revealed it believes the PIRA is still functioning in some respects. We just don’t know what yet. We are told basically not to worry, as it’s all peaceful now. So why are these people in something called the PIRA then? What is it? And has it disavowed violence for good, or just for now and in some circumstances?
    With all the excitement of the peace process, we kind of forget that that never got resolved. We were prepared to let the silence of the guns speak for itself. So what happens when the guns aren’t silent?

  • MainlandUlsterman

    too true – this is dangerous stuff.
    At the same time, if you can’t enforce the rules of fair play the same for all political parties, it is hugely unfair on other political parties. There would be no problem if it were, as you say, just former members of the PIRA continuing to meet (isn’t that what SF is, largely? ;-)). The problem is that there is a current PIRA continuing to meet and organise. We need to know how much SF knows about that, how long it has known and what its connections to the current PIRA are, who has been involved in meeting the PIRA, what conversations they have had, as well as exactly what the PIRA is now doing. If an illegal organisation like the PIRA has the ear of government ministers, we should be told what its agenda is and as citizens have the opportunity to evaluate whether it is influencing a democratic party and thereby the democratic process. If money is passing between the PIRA and SF, the public needs to know where it came from and what it is being used for. We need, in short, a whole lot more transparency here.
    I said it before almost tongue in cheek, but I’m quite serious now: I think it’s time we had an extensive public inquiry into links between Sinn Fein and illegal organisations such as the PIRA. This really needs to be cleared up and voters provided with clarity on these issues.

  • Mister_Joe

    If you have knowledge that SF did that, you should report it.

  • barnshee

    SF have a mandate they cannot be excluded
    However if DUP and OUP had balls they would leave the charade on the hill- shut the shop

  • barnshee

    SF/IRA/The republican movement/Action against drugs etc murdered for now decades -their support base remains intact now that`s not a suggestion– but it is disgusting