Robinson: ‘We will have discussions with other parties about tabling the necessary exclusion motion in the Assembly’

Interesting statement in from Peter Robinson over the PSNI’s comments about the murder of Kevin McGuigan;

Last week I indicated that the Police Service of Northern Ireland must be free to fully investigate the murder of Kevin McGuigan without regard to any potential political consequences.

I have had an initial discussion with the Chief Constable who has indicated the direction of travel of his investigation as it relates to the involvement of Provisional IRA members. The PSNI has asked for all those with information to come forward to assist the investigation.

The Chief Constable and his officers must be allowed the time to continue their investigations. They must be given every support, particularly from within the Republican community, to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.

As I indicated in my press briefing last week there can be no place for terror and murderous activity on our streets and Republicans cannot be in the Executive in circumstances where this murder was the work of the Provisional IRA.

Before the return of the Assembly from recess we will seek a further update from the Chief Constable to establish his conclusion regarding those responsible and the role of those in Republican movement who are associated with Sinn Fein.

The basis upon which the DUP entered government with Republicans was a commitment to exclusively peaceful and democratic means through support for the police, the courts and the rule of law as well as the dismantling of the structures of their terrorist organisation. That remains the basis upon which parties serve in the Executive.

To ensure that dealing with this issue is pursued in a manner which attracts the widest possible consensus we will have discussions with other parties about tabling the necessary exclusion motion in the Assembly and asking the Secretary of State to intervene in circumstances where the evidence points to the IRA being involved.

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  • Mister_Joe

    Farewell Stormont then. It would be a good start.

  • Dan

    Sdlp will stand shoulder to shoulder with Sinn Fein……again.

  • Gopher

    In its current form wont be missed Joe. I thought it would have fallen when Marty and Bobby alluded to the IRA’s continued existance with Gerrys Adams arrest but Gerrys back pedalling on release saved it. Its harder to back pedal when there has now actually been a murder

  • Lorcs1

    Was anyone under any illusion that the 100’s of people involved in both loyalist and republican terrorism had permanently gone back to pruning roses in their back gardens? Some of these people were willing to bomb, shoot and murder 10’s or 100’s of people over the span of 30 years. Anyone that says they were unaware that these people remain in our communities is at best naive and at worst disingenuous.

    It isn’t really surprising that those involved would someday break cover and try to settle old scores. And of course some of those involved may have been Provo’s, but does it really constitute the Provisional IRA resuming its campaign?

    Seems like more grandstanding from the DUP. They are under increasing pressure due to flags, parades, gay marriage, gay blood and every other toxic subject they hold a nonsensical prehistoric standpoint over. Something like this is the smoking gun they need to divert attention away from them. I don’t thnk that anyone in the DUP would honestly beleive that the Provos have resumed their campaign and that Sinn Fein are helping direct their actions.

    Also, time for Sinn Fein to move on from the baggage of the past. Start to phase the old guard out. The likes of Martin and Gerry have too much history, too many bad stories, and as long as they remain in place things like this will come back around again and again. Would there be the same conversation if Mary-Lou or Pearse Doherty were in the driving seat?

  • Gopher

    I think your missing the point and incidently the murder. The “Provisional IRA” is not meant to exist anymore. When someone has actually been murdered and its not by securocrats, loyalists, Orange order, the famine, Cromwell, area bombing over Dresden, homophobes, Dinosaur deniers you better hope you can come up with better spin. It dont matter if you put Mother Theresa as the head of SF if the Provisional IRA exist Stormont does not.

  • Lorcs1

    I’ll take on board that I have skipped over the two murders. Two families have lost their loved ones in horrible circumstances and those responsible are criminals and should be brought to justice.

    But I don’t believe that ex-members of the PIRA carrying out a murder, is the same thing as the PIRA carrying out a murder.

    The PIRA was a highly sophisticated guerrilla terrorist organization that conducted bombing campaigns over 30 years. the had a complex command structure. They acted with the support of a lot of the nationalist community (evidenced by the fact they were able to exist and hide in plain sight).

    Someone picking up a gun and shooting someone to settle an old score does not constitute the same thing, even when they may have previously been a member of the organization described above.

    As for Stormont, Sinn Feins current mandate is for a peaceful democratic Northern Ireland. They have been elected to partake in a peaceful powersharing devolved government with their unionist colleagues. This fact wouldn’t change even If the PIRA was to resurface in its preGFA form.

  • Gopher

    Problem is the SFand PIRA are seen as the one movement and no party outside the SDLP will partake in an alternate reality that there is a difference other than symantics. Like I said its not really the converted you have to convince especially when SF lined up to deny that the PIRA who incidently are not meant to exist anymore involvement (not clever). Call me cynical but it makes one sound like an apologist.

  • Kevin Breslin

    The DUP effectively associated the Alliance Party with Sinn Féin, when Sinn Féin voted on the compromise Designated Days legislation for City Hall.

  • chrisjones2

    Why was the gun available to them?

    The tit for tat stems for their involvement in organised crime and extortion

    Settling scores is supposed t be done by law and due process.

    SF lied when they said PIRA was gone

    They lied that you cant be a criminal and a republican

    They lied when they said all the guns had been decommissioned or they then rearmed

    As for “This fact wouldn’t change even If the PIRA was to resurface” the fact then would be that war wasn’t over and form the viewpoint of the rest of us who don’t support murder, would we want to be in Government wit them.

  • Lorcs1

    Hence in my original comment, it’s time for SF to leave the baggage in the past. They need to make a clear distinction between the SF/IRA of the 80’s and early 90’s and the SF of today. Until they do, subjects like this will keep coming back to haunt them.

    They could start by not naming playparks after members of the PIRA, stop speaking on the platform party of republican commemorations, etc.

  • Gopher

    Its looking like that is somewhat impossible, It would be a brave man or woman that could say to the Frontgemeinschaft, would you kindly leave the party. A salient feature of these murders is the age of the dead and the arrested, most middle aged men just get a motorbike, it seems like old dogs dont want to learn new tricks.

    Nope I think somebody within the party who carries respect has to have a Jan Smuts moment and bring the rest with him to the reality of 21st century western liberal democracy.

  • Robin Keogh

    one of that make sense Chris. If previous members of the PIRA are now involved in criminal activity but are rejected and disowned by SF how can that justify collapsing the government? Get real.

  • Robinson playing to the gallery, yet again. All mouth and no trousers springs immediately to mind yet again.

  • This reminds me a little of Thierry Henry’s handball against Ireland, for France, while he was a Barcelona player. Every Arsenal fan I knew got stick about it.

  • Granni Trixie

    And trying to DISTRACT the gallery from various ‘investigations’ no doubt.

  • chrisjones2

    When Davidson was shot SF named a park after him. It was opened by the Lord Mayor of Belfast. Rejected?

    The problem is Robin that you are just too far away from the realities in this

  • AidanMc

    Lets be fair here Glove puppet Robinson will keep the farce alive and after 14 days of showboating on the hill this will be all swept under the carpet.
    The bottom line here is that the dogs on the street know that the provos are alive and well and extorting cash cleaning diesel and keeping the SF power trip alive and funded.
    Kevin McGuigan from what I was told from 2 ex pow’s was once a blue eyed boy in the ranks of the Army and “some operator to be exact”, but it is now clear that if you step out of line the GHQ Leadership are alive and well to administer the full rigours of the old green book rules.