Ex IRA man Kevin McGuigan Sr shot dead in the Short Strand area…

A suspect in the Jock Jock Davison murder was last night shot dead in the Short Strand area of Belfast. The Irish News has good coverage on the story:

The former IRA killer is believed to have pulled the trigger on his one-time boss Davison, who was shot dead in the city’s Markets area in May.

Once a high-ranking republican, McGuigan was jailed for the attempted murder of a soldier during the Troubles.

He was kneecapped by the Provisionals more than a decade ago and is thought to have agreed to shoot Davison for criminals.

McGuigan, who was in his early fifties, fell from favour after an incident in the Short Strand in the early 2000s.

After an altercation with Davison he was shot in both legs in a paramilitary-style attack and expelled from the IRA.

Since then he was closely linked with criminal families from south and east Belfast.

There is not too much I can add to the story that is not in the media already. This post is just to give you an opportunity to let us know your views in the comments.

Can we ask that whatever his background, the victim leaves behind a wife, children and grandchildren. Please be mindful of this when commenting.

  • Jag

    And killed by PIRA (aren’t they supposed to have gone away, you know) and killed with Kalashnikovs (weren’t they supposed to have been decommissioned, you know).

    No Shinners on the ground looking shocked at Kevin’s demise, in contrast with Jock’s (remember Alex Maskey and Mairtin O’Muilleoir looking genuinely griefstricken at the scene last May).

    Niall O’Donnghaile, a relative minnow in the party, has issued a statement of condemnation, sure but last May, it was the grandee Gerry Kelly in north Belfast who was forefront in expressing SF’s views.

    MMG has tweeted a condemnation last night. Do you detect any difference in tone to his tweet last May (see below)? “Murder” v “shot dead”? Call for police cooperation? This was a dreadful crime against this man in 2015 and it is obvious his family is devastated. But it calls into question broader questions about the peace process and status of PIRA (and decommissioning).

    “My thoughts are with the family of the man shot dead in the Short Strand area of Belfast tonight.I unreservedly condemn this appalling deed.”
    Aug 2015
    “I unreservedly condemn this morning’s murder in Belfast.My sympathy is with the family.Police must be supported to bring killers to justice.”
    May 2015

  • Mister_Joe

    Organizations may or may not have gone away. But individual former members still are alive and well in many cases. Only a really naive person would believe that all weapons were decommissioned. Creative ambiguity ruled and perhaps still does.

  • Slater

    BBC NI radio news at 8am – ‘a senior Republican has been shot dead in East Belfast’ and then named. That was it by way of information. Yet it was called a news bulletin.
    Luckily newspapers still exist. The Belfast Telegraph has the story:

  • chrisjones2

    So will Robinson today announce that as the IRA have broken their ceasefire he will ask SF to withdraw from the Executive now or will collapse it?

    Don’t hold your breath now. They may know too much for that to happen

  • Sergiogiorgio

    For Gods sake don’t encourage him…he hasn’t had a flounce out in a few months.

    With the Cerebus thing strangely gone onto the back burner, maybe they’ll just let it slide…holibobbles and all that.

  • Jag

    Maybe; mind you, I have yet to hear SF call for cooperation with the PSNI in dealing with last night’s killing. Maybe this is nitpicking, but given the circumstances and widely-held perceptions, unequivocation is probably to be politically recommended here.

  • Jag

    True Joe, and maybe there’s something deep in the nationalist psyche in Northern Ireland which is reassured that there is a backup force and arms should things ever descend into chaos again, where the state can’t be relied upon to protect its citizens.

    That’s NI though.

    In the South, killings such as those last night are associated with the “gangland” and it’s usually about drugs, territory or feuds; regarded as ghastly criminality by most people, including Sinn Fein’s members and supporters. And here we have a killing linked to PIRA, with a claim the deceased actually met with Gerry Adams in the post GFA period* Not good for SF which has sincerely moved wholeheartedly into normal politics in the South – this will be a reminder that it’s still got, at best, unpleasant presentday links and at worst, a perception it is still wedded to the most serious violence.

    *”Sources said McGuigan protested his innocence against “charges” Davison had made against him and that he had actually held a meeting with Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams to plead his “innocence” and present his case.”


  • The Devil’s Advocate

    The most likely scenario is is SF will say nothing, the DUP will say nothing and it will all blow over in a week or two.

  • james

    “Sources said McGuigan protested his innocence against “charges” Davison had made against him and that he had actually held a meeting with Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams to plead his “innocence” and present his case.”

    Perhaps someone could explain why a legitimate and law-abiding Gerry Adams should be called in to preside over such a meeting between two apparently high ranking members of the criminal underworld? What on earth would he know about organized crime? And is he somehow in a position to pass a judgement on such matters?

    Obviously, NI is what it is, but Adams is an elected politician in a stable, functional democracy in ROI. What do voters down there think of his apparent ‘double-jobbing’, I wonder.

  • peepoday

    The IRA will not be pursued,authorities will turn a blind eye,and those who profit from the current political setup will not want to rock the boat.

  • Mirrorballman

    “mind you, I have yet to hear SF call for cooperation with the PSNI in dealing with last night’s killing”

    Niall O’Donnghaile making such a call was the first thing I heard when I switched the radio on this morning. Maybe you just haven’t been listening……

  • Jag

    My mistake then, I was basing my comment on the press statement issued last night.

    As for your sarky little trail of dots, I’m not hunting for offense or controversy, just seems to me there is a different tone to the response from Republicans to last night’s killing.

  • barnshee

    Bring back General De Charlatan and the partially sighted Rev Good to explain the appearance of these weapons

  • tmitch57

    In the post-GFA era the republican paramilitaries haven’t acted all that differently than the loyalist ones. The INLA has long descended into being another criminal organization much more active in the drug distribution business than in any political content and much thicker on the ground in Dublin than anywhere in the North. The South Armagh IRA is also a criminal organization involved in fuel smuggling. The main difference between the loyalists and the republicans is that the former had most of their feuds after they were supposedly on ceasefire, whereas the republicans had their feuds on “active duty” during the “long war” in the 1970s and 1980s. Maybe journalists should simply start referring to them as paramilitaries or former paramilitaries without the sectarian labels attached.

  • kalista63

    So, dude gets shot and the cops say he was a suspect in a murder. Now, maybe I watched to much Dixon of Dock Green back in the day but why was on the streets, why on the manor?

    Apart from traffic violations, are the PSNI dealing with anything? Look at what heppened around the 12th, what happened to Tim Brannigan and compare with The Met taking on that crowd, unarmed I hasten to add.

    To talk of vaccums is a cliche but one thing cliches ain’t is bulls**t. This place is becoming like the fek’n wild west. You’ve just gotta get your numbers up and we hand the place over to you.

  • Turgon

    That is a very fair point. After all the lauding of the likes of Harold Good a number of people have now been murdered and explosives found despite him solemnly and self importantly giving us his word that they had all gone.

    Self evidently the perpetrators are the guilty ones but Good should be taken to task over his claims that he had seen all the IRA weapons decommissioned. Either he was utterly naive or else he is a liar.

    Personally I suspect he was a bit of both but now he should come clean and explain exactly what happened and what he did and did not see. Otherwise he is, albeit in a very minor way, complicit in these sorts of murders.

  • Turgon

    Fair point but I thought I read recently that Semtex explosive has been found of a type which has not been made for a number of years. I suppose someone else’s old stocks could conceivably have been imported but realistically I think (as many of us suspected) that the decommissioning was significantly less complete than Good told us. It is time he admitted exactly what he did see and we can then decide if he was naive, dishonest or both.

  • Andrew

    As long as they’re killing each other then I don’t care.

  • Jag

    I see Alex Maskey and Niall O’Donnghaile have jointly issued a statement calling for cooperation with the PSNI. Perhaps it was nitpicking previously, but regardless, good to see this statement.


  • chrisjones2

    Didn’t they admit at one stage that it was the old Libyan consignment?

  • chrisjones2

    Its all in the hands of the PSNI NCA and above all perhaps the BBC

  • chrisjones2

    Are all the Shinners at Summer School? Its awfully quiet in here

  • Ulick

    “Perhaps someone could explain why a legitimate and law-abiding Gerry Adams should be called in to preside over such a meeting between two apparently high ranking members of the criminal underworld?”

    Indeed, but first you’d have to explain why Adams (or anyone else) should have to answer such allegations from anonymous “sources”.

  • Ulick

    Despite all the howling and wailing in here there is nothing to suggest involvement by anyone connected to SF. Even Peter Robinson mentioned the requirement of “proof” a concept that seems to allude Sluggerettes and Susan Breen who’s distasteful article drips with glee.

  • Kevin Breslin

    No proof these killings were political and not personal. You don’t have to have been in a paramilitary group twenty years ago to own a pistol.

    Vast majority of the people of the Short Strand do not want gunshots fired in the street by tit for tat gangland violence. Do you think they’re saying “If my child or my grandkids get hit by a stray bullet, sure they’ll be gloriously martyred in Erin’s name”. This republican area doesn’t want the destruction, it doesn’t want old men settling old scores in the most extreme and unforgiving way possible.

    What is so nationalist about this feud?

    How does this help Irish unity or any Irish person?

    What dissident so called republican is going to come out and embarrass themselves trying to justify this?

  • james

    Easy enough for him to say it isn’t true if it isn’t. Not up to him to prove it isn’t, but I’d imagine he would wish to clear his good name.

  • chrisjones2

    So SF arent connected in any way with either of these two ex IRA men? Have you ever been to Short Strand and the Markets? To Belfast

  • ranger1640

    A litany of IRA murders, involving sectarianism, drugs, protection rackets, fights, criminality and general gangsterism. If this is the republicans vision of an Ireland of equals the no thanks.

    The Sinn Fein/IRA jackboot is still on the neck of the communities they control.


  • Mister_Joe

    FM Robinson is venturing back towards SF/IRA terminology. He should be careful what he wishes for. There may still be a plan B lurking somewhere.

  • Virginia

    Creative ambiguity…. That is the line of the month of not year! Nice.

  • chrisjones2

    Hes in a difficult position. How does he stand up publicly when someone may ask a pesky question about NAMA and other allegations and where members of his party are clearly leaking allegations wholesale to unseat or destroy him

  • Jag

    “No proof these killings were political and not personal. You don’t have to have been in a paramilitary group twenty years ago to own a pistol.”

    Yeah, and no proof Jock Davison was involved in the killing of Robert McCartney. And no proof Kevin McGuigan was involved in the killing of Jock Davison. No proof at all, otherwise there would have been charges, right?

    Not pistols according to reports*; “automatic assault rifles” (plural) – that’s a little ambitious for your average geebag with a personal grievance.


  • Glenn Clare

    That is a strange statement MJ, at every turn the shinners are straight out of the blocks to defend the provos. How can this be if they are not linked or suposedly don’t exist. How come every interaction or internal investigation into the actions of provos involves the shinners, and to think that the two are not one and the same and interchangeable is nieve.

    Alex Maskey sid the IRA were not involved so must be true and that makes everything all right. Move along now, nothing to see here.


  • Bonus points for the use of Geebag.

  • Kevin Breslin

    Automated assault riffles can be brought in by organised gangs too.

    If dissident republicans wanted to make it political why hasn’t any organisation claimed it or made a statement? Where’s the attempt at politics here?

    Your comments are insulting and deserved to be reported, armed gangs in the entire nationalist community psyche simply because you said so?

    A man dies and you use that event to advertise your prejudices, well that’s just sick to use a man’s death that way.

    This has nothing to do with nationalism. Go get a mental health check.

  • Kevin Breslin

    Take us back to the good old days of internment when speculative evidence was admissible. Heck Salom witch trials are perhaps more your thing.

    If you think your wonderful hearsay is worthy of police time tell your local police station the epiphany you have had.

  • barnshee

    “Nations use deterrence as an acceptable way of conducting themselves and if you were actually the one to get shot at I’d think there was a definite incentive to be able to react in kind.”

    Hmmm sort of justifies the Ulster Prod that

  • Ulick

    Nope, replying to such spurious and baseless allegations only gives them credence.

  • Ulick

    To my knowledge neither is “connected” to SF. I suspect I’ve been to both the Short Strand and Markets much more than you.

  • james

    Well he has often enough denied being an IRA leader, and his having ordered murders to be committed. Would you say that act of denial lends credence to those allegations, then?

  • Ulick

    The source of those allegations are known – who exactly is saying Adams met McGuigan over these matters?

  • barnshee

    Sort of ignores the campaign 1922-1966 by the IRA


    not to mention 19th century and beyond


    400 years of catholic republican murder gangs
    Sort of justifies the Ulster Prod wouldn`t you say?

  • gero

    speculative evidence was good enough for the Ira to blow a woman’s head off. In fact any evidence was good enough

  • Kevin Breslin

    Yes and Imitating the PIRA’s kangaroo courts would be the highest form of flattery.

  • Glenn Clare

    To nights evening extra from 12:45 secs.
    Anthony McIntyre a former provo states that McGuigan was under threat by the shinners/provos and that the murder of McGuigan was done by the shinners/provos, not some lone avenger.

    He also suggests that Bobby Story’s rant on the Falls when he addressed the rally for Gerry Adams, was close to the mark when Storey stated “We have a message for the British Government, for the Irish Government, for the cabal that is out there: we haven’t gone away, you know.”!!! Go Figure.

    Interestingly Martin McGuinness never corrected that statement.




  • gero

    agreed but I also agree with jag, this will be shown in time to be another northern bank, Robert McCartney etc, etc. These two nutjobs were not dissidents and would be untouchable for local criminals.

  • james

    Well…”Sinn Fein denied speculation that the Provisional IRA were involved in the murder”(of Kevin McGuigan) – from today’s Belfast Telegraph. Speculation or no, they saw fit to deny that. Though I must say it baffles me how Sinn Fein would know what the IRA are or aren’t up to, or how they can continue to act as its mouthpiece.

  • barnshee

    ER Try a web search on the IRB and its murders –back into 19th Century

    For elections to parliament there was universal suffrage in NI everyone had a vote

    For local government elections there was a property vote which gave business owners an additional vote -because they paid two lots of rates There were more protestants disadvantaged by this systems than roman catholics..

    So the IRA attacked NI for 40 odd years and produced reactions -how dreadful—-infiltrated the civil rights movement and carried on as before and produced further reaction — dreadful

  • james

    No mural to Qadaffi yet in West Belfast, either. Surprising after decades of his patronage to Sinn Fein/IRA.

  • submariner

    Anglo your wasting your time Barnshee is an apologist for the sectarian loyalist murder gangs who he bizarrely describes as counter terrorists

  • submariner

    This from a PUP supporter oh the irony

  • Dan

    How much Semtex did Good see destroyed?

  • barnshee

    “If your country is occupied by a foreign power and they have arranged it so that you cannot obtain your freedom without a fight then you are entitled to rebel.

    And if that foreign power commit genocide against your fellow countrymen, women and children then fighting is justified.

    It is in my opinion the only genuine reason to fight, as opposed for instance to invading countries in order to steal their stuff”

    Thank you for so succintly confirming the right of the Ulster prod to resist inclusion in a UI .

  • barnshee

    ” an apologist for the sectarian loyalist murder gangs who he bizarrely describes as counter terrorists”

    What else do you call terrorists who answer other terrorists in kind?

  • William Carr

    and considering that the UVF carried out the first murders here, it sort of excuses the Provo’s.
    Now i don’t believe that anything excused the Provo’s or the loyalists,but if we accept your logic then you have just excused the whole IRA campaign.
    It might help if you perhaps thought about these things!

  • William Carr

    Please google genocide! over the top language and the incorrect use of words does not help your argument.

  • William Carr

    I call them terrorists! and apart from a few apologists for loyalists this is what the rest of the world call them!

  • William Carr

    my apologies, in my defense Barnshee often use’s overly dramatic terms.