Questions for slugger readership on the Labour Election

Mick is on holiday and has asked me to do the following:

Clearly the Labour leadership election has been the source of many stories both on slugger and elsewhere (helped by both it being the silly season and the interesting nature of the campaign).

Unusually for such an election, any of us can vote by becoming a registered supporter (see link here).

To try to get people to think about it and to try to see their reasoning we would like you to try answering the following four questions preferably with explanations for your decisions:

Who would you vote for No.1

Who would you vote for No.2

Notwithstanding your votes who do you think will win

Finally which political party would you normally vote for identify with.

By all means explain, debate etc. but we would like people to try to answer those 4 questions.


  • Chingford Man

    1. Liz Kendall – only sane choice for Labour
    2. Yvette Cooper – as she’s not the other two men
    3. Jeremy Corbyn – may well have momentum
    4. UKIP – only hope for the country

  • Clanky

    1. Corbyn
    2. None of the others – Labour need to stop their inexorable drift to the right
    3. Corbyn unless his campaign is sabotaged by New Labour
    4. Traditionally Labour, but more and more, the Greens

  • 23×7

    1. Corbyn – Labour need to get back to basics even if it means a spell out of power.
    2. Burnham
    3. Burnham – think one of the female candidates, Kendall will withdraw from the race
    4. Labour, but Green curious.

  • chrisjones2

    1 Corbyn – he will destroy Labour and make it into a rump socialist party
    2 Kendall – the Corbynistas will revolt and split the party
    3 Corbyn – they are in a mood for self flagellation
    4 None of them. Locally I detest them all. Nationally Conservatievs are best of a bad bunch

  • Korhomme

    1 and 2: not been following what they’ve said to make any decision, all except Corbyn have barely been visible on my radar.

    3. At this stage, Jeremy Corbyn (aka Cap’n Birdseye)

    4. Somewhere left of centre, perhaps LibDems (despite everything); favourable to Alliance and Greens. But I don’t have a firm, unchangeable position, and I don’t fit easily into any one party group.

    Jeremy Corbyn might have a lot of ideas that the great British public agrees with, but I don’t see them voting for him. If he wins, Labour as presently constituted enters another wilderness period; he might split the ‘social democratic’ bits off from the rest.

  • Colin Lamont

    1. Corbyn- no rational reasoning; I admire the man’s honesty and willingness to break with the stale orthodoxy of modern leaders.
    2. Burnham.
    3. Burnham- electability will prove decisive in the end. Establishment smears will also do the necessary.
    4. UKIP/CON/Unionist

  • T.E.Lawrence

    1. Liz Kendall. Time Labour Party had a first Female Leader and Prime Minister. She is the only person that can get back the 2m voters and 6 point deficent between the tories and labour at this years elections.
    2. Corbyn
    3. Corbyn who will give Labour no chance of clawing back the middle ground and condemn them to the political wilderness for the foreseeable future.
    4. Labour but they do not stand in NI so PUP

  • Sharpie

    1. Corbyn – Labour on behalf of the whole country needs a spell resetting the National values and making people argue really hard for the stance they want and need to justify. It doesn’t matter if Labour miss one election cycle for this. He is unlikely to ever be prime minister because the whole of the establishment will come at him like the American right did to Obama. But this is a moment in time and will be good in the long run. I can see him setting the agenda in opposition and allowing Tories to come much more to the centre.

    2. Don’t know as they all seem similar. Cooper seems to have the intellect but then so did Milliband – the other two are media savvy which is not the best attribute to go on.

    3. Down to Corbyn v’s Burnham. If people don’t lose their nerve it will be Corbyn, if they do, its Burnham as the most familiar face

    4. In GB – Labour but have never voted there. Here I am electorally polyamorous – SDLP, SF, Greens, Independents and UU

  • Sergiogiorgio

    I’m in the same boat as Chris.

    Bye bye Labour if they choose Corbyn, so he gets my vote every time.