Would you mind moving out of your home we would like to risk burning down our whole neighbourhood?

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 13.14.53I blame the pallets. Back the olden days, when I was young, there was no way of building 11th Night bonfires high enough to scare the neighbours out of their homes. Pallets are eminently combustible, readily available and endlessly (it seems) stackable.

And now, no one in authority knows what to do other than tell people whose homes might burn down to get out of them. Veteran local councillor Jim Rogers is still trying to use the gently gently approach…

He said attempts had also been made to try to persuade the builders to reduce its size. “We have tried to work with the bonfire builders, we’re not against the bonfire, but where there is a risk to life, where there is a risk to property, action needs to be taken, but unfortunately they’re adamant that the bonfire is not going to be reduced in size,” he said. “What I’m asking them now to do is to behave in a responsible fashion”.

Yes, Jim. But it seems they are both hearing you, and ignoring you. Political policing models, how are ya!