Cartoon – Martin Varoufakis

Martin McGuinness cartoon

Yesterday Theresa Villiers hosted the Stormont House Agreement Implementation Review meeting with the 5 Executive parties and Irish Government. Word has it Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness fired a verbal volley at Secretary of State. Very Varoufakis.

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  • Croiteir

    Good – Sinn Fein have been indulging in push over nationalism too long

  • the rich get richer

    Give us more detail………..

    We need to know. Will the sky fall ? ? ?

  • kalista63

    I think it’s past time that the Tory programme was regarded as something other than mere politics but as an ideological assault on the poor.

  • Reader

    MMcG can’t have been rude. It’s only ever unionists who can’t manage basic courtesy, isn’t it?

  • Chris Jones

    No….just on those who will not work. The poor are different people and many of the poor abhor the way some people exploit the benefits system

  • Chris Jones

    …except perhaps when carrying a machine gun?

  • Chris Jones

    “push over nationalism”

    So Marty says he gave a hard time to the SOS who gives him all his funding. And as she sat, smiled, picked her nails and looked forward to Wimbledon, I am sure she listened intently while the respective Press Officers fired our their emails

    The whole project is not push over nationalism. Its baa baa sheep nationalism and the sheep are very safety penned by well fed and watered shepherds. Baa baa

  • james


  • barnshee

    Gimme more -or else what Marty-?
    PS if you fart I`ll make sure you take any clean up out of the block grant as well

  • kalista63

    Dave is going to get rid of or reduce tax credits, which the WORKING poor get and at the same time, they are talking about reducing the higher level of tax. The rich have the wriggle room to accommodate higher taxation, the poor have none or, at best, very little.

  • kalista63

    Or the baa baa sheep unionism that’s will to have us lose £millions, maybe £billions to reduce corporation tax to failitate inward ivestment which they admit, will take around a decade to come, if at all.

    And before you start, CT was something like the 5th ranked reasons inward investors cited for coming to the South. I remember the first question my my 1st year economics exam; What are the government levers on an economy. Well,Stormont doesn’t control either, NI doesn’t have an economy, in the proper sense

  • barnshee

    “What are the government levers on an economy.”

    Local taxation is one -woops the only way up is higher can`t do that

  • Skibo

    My sentiments exactly. Taxation should be on the ability to pay, not equality of payment. Someone earning over £100k is able to pay more and maybe not go on a fifth holiday while taking tax credits off the low pay will leave decisions like to heat or to eat. To educate or to pay the rent.
    Once sorted the next battle will be pensions and then the sh1t will hit the fan.

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