Sinn Fein abstain on ‘funding from Russia’ motion in the European Parliament…

Interesting piece in passing. 70.8% of MEPs voted in favour of a resolution calling for a ban on funding of political parties in the EU by non-EU “political or economic stakeholders”. Sinn Fein’s group (many of them former communists) was against the motion. All four of Sinn Fein’s MEP’s abstained, and are marked as GUE-NGL rebels by Vote Watch.

The BBC reports

Much of the text lambasted the Russian government for its crackdown on political opponents, gay activists and civil society groups (NGOs).

It said the parliament “is deeply concerned at the ever more intensive contacts and co-operation, tolerated by the Russian leadership, between European populist, fascist and extreme right-wing parties on the one hand and nationalist groups in Russia on the other”.

Such contacts, it said, were “a danger to democratic values and the rule of law in the EU”. EU states should “take action against this threat of an emerging ‘Nationalist International’,” it said.

Not too much of a problem apparently if you are shipping in the cash from the US or Canada or Australia. Which is presumably why the SF MEPs could not go quite as far as voting against the motion.

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  • chrisjones2

    Why North and South do we allow this?

    In the UK I can understand that the British Government has a strategic issue at stake – they want to keep the SF sheep well fed and watered and Republican politics well inflated- but why do they not resolve this in Ireland? Is it right that citizens (or the Government) of a foreign state can buy our political parties like this?

  • hugh mccloy

    So they are against TTIP, but not this, if the NWO made political parties SF would fit the bill, and get it paid for by someone else

  • aquifer

    The provisional government in waiting may need outside help, what’s the problem?

    Revolutionary gangs need solvent friends if they are not to rob our banks again.

  • Robin Keogh

    In the 26 counties parties are not allowed to recieve large international donations. The north do not have similar rules, as such SF can raise what they like abroad.

  • Robin Keogh

    Part of the reason Sinn fein have been so successful at raising cash abroad goes back to the years when they were banned from the airwaves in Ireland. Irish organisations around the world mobilised around what they saw as unjust censorship (which is what it was). There is nothing illegal in their fundraising practises, in fact they don’t even have to be there and the money just rolls in. Sinn Fein themselves have little involvement in the set-up or organisational structures of the various organisations. Moreover, all these groups declare the monies raised in their respective countries so the entire process is perfectly transparent. SF MEP’s abstaining does not mean they support the behaviour of Putin it is simply a case of them protecting a large chunk of their income flow. The reality of course interms of how it is seen at home, particularly by parties in South, centers areound jealousy that not only can they not muster the same level of cohesiveness that Sinn Fein has amongst its broader membership; they have no hope of matching them financially.

  • Skibo

    Do you not think the British government has a greater stake in the oligarchs living in London, Russian born but owners of British passports. Hundreds of thousands of pounds both direct personal donations and massive company donations.
    The Conservative government does not give two hoots about Sinn Fein and would give a 21 gun salute on the day they can say goodbye to those troublesome Irish and Chris, I include you in that too.

  • chrisjones2

    ….and where does it all go?

  • chrisjones2

    So where do they spend all that cash? In NI?

  • chrisjones2

    Their main solvent friend is the British Government. Shepherds make sure the flock is well fed and watered. Baa baa

  • Ciarán

    I’d wager that you have an interesting theory on this Chris.. why don’t you enlighten us?

  • Robin Keogh

    Sinn Fein spending is public, if u contact the party they will send u details

  • hugh mccloy

    In not so many words, money comes before anything else, are you actually part of SF as I you even make kearney sound good

  • Kevin Breslin

    It would have a lot more clout if the electricity running the communication EU parliament, the 28 national parliament, the national grids of these nations all the way to the electricity that’s needed to run the severs holding this very website and every computer, tablet device and mobile device wasn’t in largely dependent on Russian coal.

    Just a thought.

  • barnshee

    SF decline to give details of income -SF decline to give details on expenditure SF decline to give details of transfers to associated organisations

    Its important since a lot of it is UK taxpayer provided funds

  • Robin Keogh

    The UK pays less money toward party funding than most other countries