Cartoon – The circling of the vultures

Alasdair McDonnell cartoon

Despite holding his South Belfast seat, there is nothing certain about the Alasdair McDonnell stewardship of the party as SDLP colleagues revolt.

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  • aquifer

    I would not have thought of SDLP types as sharks, but they are milling around and there does seem to be blood in the water.

    Maybe this is how political alpha males past their elect by date have to be disposed of.

    Before their randomly placed gravitas or shifting sillyass tips everyone in the party boat into the drink.

    Infinitely superior to having blood on the streets though.

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Take the hint Alasdair – walk out the door, or be carried out.

  • Robin Keogh

    I honestly feel that AmD decision to stay on is quite a selfish one. How can he possibly hope to run an assembly team from Westminister, I know he barely shows up there but if he was serious about putting the SDLP back together again would it not make sense to stay in Belfast where he could be of use.

  • chrisjones2

    Typical SDLP. Cant even organised a decent internal coup.

    Now let the retaliation begin!!!

  • Turgon

    Why is McDonnell doing a quasi Nazi salute in this cartoon? Whatever Dr. McDonnell’s failings he is hardly a Nazi.

  • Jag

    Ah now, Gerry Adams seems to do a decent job of running SF from Dublin and Ravensdale. Nigel Farage did okay with UKIP from his seat in the European Parliament. I don’t think AM’s physical absence for half the week in Westminster is going to have any impact on the SDLP at all.

  • Jag

    Well, he’s a socialist (that’s the “S” in “SDLP”, right?) and a nationalist…. (oh, and this weekend, he’s in a bit of a bunker with his enemies pounding on the gates).

  • Jag

    Is Mick Fealty the only political expert to come out in praise of the SDLP after the election last week (its vote “stiffened” apparently). You’d think that if the SDLP did so well last week, you’d be able to find at least one prominent SDLPer to come out in defence of their colleague and leader AM. Anyone, anyone at all?

  • Slater

    Al’s hand is plainly turned outward in the cartoon so it is nowhere near a Nazi salute although the image doesn’t look much like him.
    His look now is a cross between hunted and haunted.

  • chrisjones2

    He did win a confidence vote this week

  • chrisjones2

    I think its designed more to look like Goofy. In fact this cartoon is a good representation of the Stoops Policy Making Process

  • Jag

    Really? Missed that. Are you sure? Confidence vote amongst whom?

    I stand corrected on the absence of support from SDLPers – Fearghal McKinney MLA (coopted) has come out in support of AM, but he seems to be a lone voice drowned out in the hurricane.