Election ’15: NI Constituency by Constituency Statistical Guide for Anoraks

With polling day and the subsequent count less than 48 hours away, I have compiled Constituency Profiles for each of the 18 Northern Irish constituencies to help with your enjoyment (if you are a fellow election anorak) of the count and to help appreciate the focus issues and trends which should dominate subsequent media analysis.

I have focused primarily on the eight least safe seats, with individual profile pages for each of these constituencies, including historical election figures to provide useful comparative performance as the results come in, as well as a list of key questions which will be answered once the returning officers have finished performing their duties.

I have also included some issues of note for each the 10 safest seats, and space for you to record the election results for each main party/ candidate as they are announced.

These can be downloaded and printed if- like me- you prefer to look at paper than a screen….