What’s that large trench behind Windsor Park’s newly condemned West Stand?

Interesting that the structural engineers have been to examine the cracks that recently appeared in the Kop stand at Windsor Park. One of our blogger’s sent in a post about it a week or so ago and I wasn’t sure about publishing it.

Windsor West Stand holeIt came with this picture of a great big excavated hole at the back the West Stand. As the BBC note, “the cracks were discovered last month, following Northern Ireland’s game against Finland when 4,000 spectators filled the stand”.

Patrick Nelson of the IFA told the DCAL committee that the whole stand would have to be demolished and that investigations would continue into what caused the damage.

Indeed, and we will have to wait for that investigation to confirm what actually led to the to a significant part of the Windsor Park Stadium to be demolished on safety grounds. But it doesn’t take much to consider the possibility that a trench of the size and shape illustrated might well have something to do with it.

You can hear the full submission of the IFA and questions arising from the DCAL committee on NI21’s Audioboom below…

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