New – advertise on slugger from only £50 a month…

Slugger does not get any funding so to help us cover costs we are introducing limited non-intrusive ads.

We hate annoying ads as much as you so we promise we will only run static ads or text based ads. We will not run any animated ads, auto start video ads, pop-ups or anything that could get on your wick.

The ads will mainly be at the bottom of the right hand side bar, you can see some there now.

How many users do we have?

Last month (March 2015) we had 82,873 users who read 411,923 pages of content.

How much will it cost?

  • £50 for a 3 line text ad with a link
  • £100 for a 3 line text ad with a link and your logo/graphic
  • £150 for a 300px wide by 150px graphic ad (we can create the graphic for you).
  • £200 for a 300px wide by 300px graphic ad (we can create the graphic for you).

Other options are available on request. We will also consider site sponsorship or other forms of marketing.

We are keeping things simple, we are going to hard code the ads so your ad will appear on every page for one month, they will not be on rotation with other ads. For ad people who know the jargon this works out at only 12p per CPM – a bargain. We encourage you to use non tracking links that way you will also get an SEO boost for your site. The ads will also bypass ad blockers so they will be seen.

What is your reader demographic?

People interested in politics and current affairs tend to well-educated and higher earners. So again for the ad people it would be AB. Our audience is 80% NI based.

Some ideas for ads:

  • Promote your event/conference
  • List a job ad
  • Promote your site or service
  • Promote your educational programme
  • Political/election ads

To book an ad or to find out more send me an email:

  • Jag

    Congratulations with the growing audience. It was seriously impressive to see the Slugger east Belfast hustings, and Slugger remains the No 1 forum to engage on political issues in Northern Ireland. With 82,000 viewers, you’re ahead of the Newsletter readership, and probably close to the readerships of the BelTel, Irish News and Sunday Life. £50 isn’t just a bargain, it’s a steal, the sale of the f**king century!

    I would make the observation that the ads at the bottom of the page will be difficult to find, and you might want to consider using the red side bars on your website for ads. Yes, that would make the ads more obtrusive, but advertisers don’t want their ads hidden under a bushel.

  • Brian O’Neill

    Thanks. My background is advertising so I think we can give good results. I am just conscious that going crazy with ads puts people off and they just use an ad blocker. We are taking it slow to get a good balance.