Who is Leanne Wood?

Leanne Wood - Plaid Cymru leader - Radio 4 profileWhen I posted the link to Radio 4’s Profile of Nigel Dodds last weekend, Nevin commented:

I do know of Nigel Dodds but not of Leanne Wood : )

And as if by magic, the Plaid Cymru leader (whose party has a mere 3 MPs in the House of Commons) was the subject of this week’s Profile.

Listen and learn

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  • MainlandUlsterman

    More to the point, what’s her party doing in the forthcoming tv debates, when bigger NI parties haven’t been asked? Not her fault, but it is completely arbitrary.

  • Dan

    Is the DUP going to meekly accept their exclusion?
    Hasn’t Robinson got another of his cunning devices at the ready?

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Wait for the resignation threat…..

  • Chingford Man

    One thing for sure is that demands for mad left-wing policies, combined with a whiny voice, is going to hack off English people who make up 85pc of the UK.

  • Makhno

    Pity about them…

  • Aber1

    The inclusion of parties such as Plaid Cymru in the tv debates is a sign of how fragmented what was once ‘mainstream’ British politics has become. It also reflects the uncertainty of institutions like the BBC about how to deal with that fragmentation and a feeling that the BBC has lost its authority to dictate what happens in these situations. Sky News (for example) has coped much more easily with the situation, probably because it doesn’t carry the BBC’s cultural baggage. Logically, NI parties ought to be included in the debates and it’s difficult to see a rational reason why they have not been.