Unionist Election Pact

The internet seems awash at the moment with the (fairly well substantiated) rumour that the DUP & UUP (or is it UUP & DUP…I wonder how many weeks they argued over the order) have agreed a pact involving four constituencies in the May 7th general election. Updatedetails now online in a press release from the DUP.


– Both parties will support behind Danny Kennedy MLA


– Both parties will support behind Tom Elliott MLA


– Both parties will support Rt. Hon Nigel Dodds MP


– Both parties will support Alderman Gavin Robinson

What else could this mean for the relevant campaigns? How will the electorate feel about their decision potentially being taken away from them, this is a bold move and in some ways, to me, suggests their insecurities in those areas. Sluggers, I open the debate to you…

Update – South Belfast is not included in the pact.

[Peter Robinson] There will be those who while rejoicing that a 4-constituency deal has been reached would have liked to see Upper Bann and South Belfast also included. This has not been possible but we will work extremely hard to bring home a unionist in both these constituencies.

[Mike Nesbitt] I acknowledge there will be those who feel disappointed that no understanding was possible in South Belfast. The key now is to get the pro-Union vote out on the 7th of May, not just in South Belfast but across Northern Ireland.