The Perfect Response to Muslim Generalisations

Reza Aslan was interviewed last year for CNN and was asked what I’m sure the presenters thought were some tough questions. Given the views aired by right wing individuals such as particular members of UKIP, James McConnell and others, perhaps this video might explain why logic-based non muslims have such problems with your reasoning and arguments.


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  • npbinni

    Interesting succinct analysis of two hundred years of European anti-Jewish ideology – as displayed by the BBC – in today’s Washington Post:

  • mickfealty

    Not sure there is a ‘perfect’ response, nor are some idiots on the right the only ones resorting to cold self serving generalisations. Aslan dishes some useful dirt on some pretty dull thinking here.

    For the crack, I’ll add this thoughtful contribution from academic Tom Holland on the substantive gap between the essentially Christian journey the west has taken towards secularism and the jarring effect that secular society may be having even on ordinary decent peace loving Muslims..

  • eiregain

    This washington post article and its content are not relevant to this discussion but you have found a way of making it relevant!

    The fact you are posting (what is essentially the thing Reza Aslan is talking about) a piece which takes the words of one person and extrapolates it to the whole of Europe for 200 years is hardly “sophisticated” (as Reza would say).

    The motivation and information used to criticise the Israeli state is on humanitarian grounds, Mostly. I concede that anti-Semitic people will react strongly to these stories and it will surely fan the flames. Is this not the same for every other movement/religion/football team on the planet? That when evidence comes out of wrong doing people will form a more negative opinion.

    It is up to us as citizens of the world to not let those opinions form into prejudice of individuals or let those opinions tar all with one brush.

    Deflecting any criticisms as anti-Semitism, however grounded they are in reality, detracts from any real conversation regarding perspective.

    About the Video I couldnt agree more that its stupid! Its stupid when its applied to Muslims/Jews/Christians/Atheists.

  • Deke Thornton
  • npbinni

    Confession time…; BB’s subjective interpretation of the interview implying that the photogenic, articular, and persuasive Muslim apologist Reza Aslan provided a ‘perfect response’ kind a sent me over the edge. I have now actually watched the video.

    Still not sure what the ‘perfect response’ was, but maybe this worldwide survey of Muslim attitudes will help provide at least a little objectivity in the debate as to whether or not there are hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world prepared to use violence, as Maher claims. (11min Kimmel/Maher video included)

  • sean treacy

    Speaking of James McConnell, he was on “Talkback” today and at one point he claimed he was vilified on the Nolan show and I quote “However in private Stephen Nolan agreed with me” at which point he was swiftly cut off by William Crowley.Perhaps some enterprising reporter could find out from Mr McConnell what exactly Stephen was agreeing with him about?

  • Deke Thornton

    I doubt Sam Harris and James McConnell agree on anything. Why put the inference?

  • Séamus
  • npbinni

    More Muslims who supported the recent attacks in Paris (it’s all the Jews’ fault!):