Slugger page views up 7.4% in 2014.

2014 has been a great year for Slugger, we have had all the major party leaders on the site in one shape or form. Along with this the Secretary of State and her Labour shadow have taken the opporunity to engage with us.

We have developed the Slugger Soapbox platform and have opened it up to any politician/figure wanting to promote a cause or highlight an issue.

The site is more nimble due to the excellent work that Brian O’Neill has put in to making us easier to use and much faster.

We have hosted more events, our Tweet Up in March, Election Hangover in May and Year End Review in December were all huge successes.

We also made the Ireland Power 100 (Only NI based site to do so) and New York Magazine listed us (along with the Detail) as the current affairs site to read before visiting Belfast.

All of this we have done to breath new life into the site and with the help of 14 new (excellent) writers we have managed to enjoy a record year.

Since February, Slugger has had more unique readers than the same time in 2013 in every month of this year. Nearly 90,000 people logged onto the site during the May alone.

In terms of page views the good people from Google Analytics tell us that 4, 581,316 clicks were made on Slugger this year which is a 7.4% increase on last year and up 18% from 2012.

The Future.

We are already getting plans firmed up the Westminster election and we are determined to give you events that you will not find anywhere else-stay tuned for further announcements.

We also hope to bring back the Slugger awards towards the end of 2015 and we will be announcing some new partnerships to bring you more of our content in a slighly different way.

Outside of all of this, we are always on the look out for new writers. We welcome all perspectives, but we are particularly interested in Unionist and Sinn Fein perspectives if any of you are so minded to join our ranks.

Before I finish, a big Thank You for coming in and reading our site. Wishing every single one of you a peaceful 2015.






  • Bryan Magee


  • Turgon

    That sounds great. Is there any way of establishing how people are accessing the site? SaffronDuck made a very interesting observation back in November suggesting that the increased stability on tablets was important. He also commented on the site being accessible again on NICS computers.

    Overall the new site is excellent. The comments section has been improved in that one can edit comments. However, we have lost the ability to track back through old comments to back up / refute our arguments or indeed expose people saying contradictory things. I suspect that system may be unrecoverable?

  • David McCann

    I’m sure there is some cross over, we are at the mercy of Google for analytics info, who don’t go that far in-depth. There is a unique reader tab which can vary from 90k unique readers, to around 66k in June.
    On the comments section, I will raise this with Mick and Brian and see what we can do to link back with previous comments.

  • Brian O’Neill

    If you click on your name it will list all your comments eg:

    You can then link to them by right clicking the heading and copying it.

  • Tacapall

    Its not surprising the page views are increasing, some very enthusiastic new team members like David and Brian have gone out of their way to encourage all shades of opinion from all sides of the community, which is of course great for the site, and I would like to congratulate them and Mick for having the courage and the will to shrug off all the cynicism and sarcasm that unfortunately is directed at them at times. I agree with Turgon about the benefits of having access to the comments archive of the old site, indeed it might remind people or show others how much peoples opinions have changed or become more entrenched throughout the years. Finally I wish all Sluggers a merry and peaceful new year,

    Oh, you can edit comments Turgon How is this done ?

  • Turgon

    Only in that when I have posted a comment I can hit the edit button and fix typos etc. The edit function is beside “reply” and “share” immediately below your text. Clearly you (and I) can only edit your own (my own) comments: being able to edit one’s opponents would be rather fun but not quite in the spirit of things.

  • Tacapall

    Thank you Turgon you have solved an irritating problem.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Brian, while I’m able to access all my comments since the switch over to Disqus, the older personal comment archive from the old Wordwell comment system appears to have become inaccessible at Disqus. I think this is what is being referred to. I can still find my older comments with a web search (using “SeaanUINeill” and “[theme word]”, some search engines much better than others) or by simply looking back through the general Slugger archive of threads until, after an hour I find my pearls of wisdom from heated exchanges with Son of Strongbow”, etc. But the old system of simply following my personal Slugger archive back to the days when I was using a steam computer no longer works as it once did.

    But hey, Slugger itself is working great, and every congratulation to those doing the real hard work to get more page views for the one island of sanity about the wee six!

  • Brian O’Neill

    We actually imported all the old comments into disqus. I think if you use the same email as was used on the old system then it should link your old comments into your new disqus account.

    I just done a test. On your old posts your comments seem to link ok to your disqus account.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Thanks, Brian, I’ll check it out. But the last time I’d actually looked ( to check up on something I’d said about a year back, in order to “confound Dr Snoddy” in Lytton Strachey’s words) my comment archive only started with my first Disqus comment, and everything else was only accesssible through the devious techniques I mentioned. But I’ll go back and find out.

    When you get to my advanced years you need a few memory crutches……

  • Brian O’Neill

    If it does not work let me know

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Nope, still not working…….

  • MainlandUlsterman

    Hard work pays off! Well done all at Slugger.

  • Fraggle

    well done.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Brian, have contacted you (twice!) and to date have heard nothing back! Does this mean that your mail receiver has filtered out my email address?