The results of our 2015 predictions survey!

More than 270 people filled in the survey over the past day and here are the results:


Bad news for big Al but not entirely unexpected. Who will be the new SDLP leader? The favourite is Colum Eastwood, but can he reverse the party’s decline or are they beyond all hope? As Gerry Adams begins his 32nd year as President of Sinn Fein it is no surprise that many think he will hang on for another year.



As with question 1 many expect Peter Robinson to announce his long rumoured retirement in 2015. Interestingly most people expect Martin to stay on. Is he hoping to be First Minister?



Some good news for Al: most people expect him to keep his Westminster seat.



At our Slugger end of year review show, Brian Feeney described Gavin Robinson as a ‘Tailor’s Dummy’. That may be a bit unfair to Gavin, who had a very successful spell as Lord Mayor of Belfast. But most expect Naomi to keep her seat: it seems many admire her strong stance against her attackers and her hard work for her constituents.



Despite Michelle Gildernew winning her seat by only 4 votes most people think she will be returned as the [absentee] MP.



If we had of asked this question last month we might have expected the results to be reversed. But with the recent talks people are more optimistic that the Assembly will survive another year. Whether they actually do anything is another matter.



It looks like people expect the caravan to be occupied well into 2015. That’s another £14.6 million spent on policing the protest to look forward to. When we can’t afford to replace the street lights it’s comforting that we seem to have unlimited funds for policing our everlasting protests.

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