Flanagan indicating possible early election next year?

Might be reading a bit too much in to this but it’s a strange tweet from the Irish Foreign Minister, when no election is due to happen.

Possible election in Ireland next year?


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  • Ulick

    Nah that’s just Charlie sore at being relegated to Junior B Hurling by Sinn Féin in the wake of Stormont House Agreement. Also… In fairness to Enda, if he was going to call a snap election Charlie Flanagan would be the last one to be let in on it.

  • tmitch57

    So how many years does it take for an Irish party in Ireland to transition from “cult” politics to constitutional politics?

  • SaffronDuck

    I found Charlie’s later comment on this exchange strange and stranger it has not received wider coverage. Alluding to the ‘C word’ is very odd behaviour from a senior politician twitter.com/CharlieFlanagan/status/550429464107421697?s=02)

  • sean treacy

    Flanagan basically called SF a name similar to cult in later exchanges and the establishment media or bloggers didnt pursue it.

  • Fraggle

    well said.