Peter Robinson’s remarkable agility in returning to his strategic progressive vision for unionism

In case you missed it, I’ve clipped a particularly good analytical duo from Newton Emerson and Dearbhail McDonald from yesterday’s Sunday Politics… Mc Donald makes the point that devolving corporation tax without building opportunity at home is a bit of a wasted effort…

Emerson follows through by making the point that we don’t have a strategic overarching view of a cabinet government (as seen perhaps in the piecemeal way individual ministers are hawking their hawkish spending plans to the general public in hopes that someone will understand their bind.

The whole discussion brings up an interesting point (here). For me it’s the sheer agility of Peter Robinson returning (via a circuitous route) back to the strategic progressive vision for unionism he was articulating just before the flag dispute waylaid him. Not least in making the still troubled Casement Park proposal pivotal to the all island bid for the Rugby World Cup.

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