Hamilton calls time on Speaking Clock at Stormont

If you don’t follow Sinn Fein’s Phil Flanagan on Twitter you should and for no other reason than he asks the most under the radar assembly questions you can think of.

Today he got a response to a question he posed to the Finance Minister, Simon Hamilton a few weeks ago on the cost of Stormont’s talking clock. Yes, this is a clock that you ring up and it tells you the time. Courtesy of Phil, this is how much it cost Mr and Mrs Taxpayer.

Courtesy of Phil Flanagan MLA

Courtesy of Phil Flanagan MLA

Regardless, Hamilton has put an end to the clock across all of the departments. Another victim of the austerity process….

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  • Joe_Hoggs

    Why on earth is there a need for Assembley members to call a “speaking clock”, do they not own watches?

  • Reader

    It lets them look busy at short notice?

  • chrisjones2

    MLAs need someone to talk to …especially in the smaller parties

    Besides which I bet this is mostly staff

  • Bryan Magee

    It surprises me that people at stormont spend so much on the speaking clock

  • chrisjones2

    It would be cheaper to sack the MLAs and put two phones on a table each calling the speaking clock and ‘talking’to each other

    Same effect. Lower cost