Rest in Peace Barn Owls

This is a piece about natural selection. About a bird that has not existed here for hundreds of years but which certain pampered groups within the green lobby pretend exists so they can extract grants from the public purse, further their green agenda and engage in their environmental war. Don’t be fooled into believing the figures thinking there is a small but significant population I have been living in the city center for at least 30 years and I have never seen a barn owl. I also work on my uncles farm every day; I have done for 16 Years. There are white birds in a hole at the end of the barn that pretend to be Barn Owls, they are there most days, They give the odd hoot and screech like owls just to rub my nose it but we all know they are crows. I feel that it is very unfair to have my this imaginary bird shoved down my throat in such a blatantly antagonistic manner.

Lets face facts, the barn owl has no place in the modern world. Since the invention of the rat trap and modern poisons the barn owl is no longer of any functional use in modern farming. And therefore has not earned it’s place in the food chain. Just because the barn owl may once existed in small parts of ulster does not mean any public money should be spent on it or that barn owls are of any value whatsoever. What are we going to have next, The Ulster Woolly Mammoth Trust? If certain specialists in extinct birds like the dodo or the Barn owl want to study barn owls in their own time that’s totally fine, as long as it is behind closed doors and I do not have to see any pictures of owls or hear anything about them or see any programs featuring owls on the BBC. If anyone does want to be public about their admiration for barn owls maybe thry should go and live in another country where if they want to believe barn owls exist they can fill their boots.

One final point I would like to make. Any standard farming grants paid to farmers who claim there are barn owls on their land should be cut. They may claim to pay the same tax as everyone else and claim to be entitled to the same services but we can’t be providing money from the government which may indirectly support barn owls or give any credence to the lie that these birds actually still exist.

Disclaimer, This article is not really about barn owls.

  • Turgon

    In the spirit of the blog. The barn owl has died out: As a mouse I have no interest in or support for its return, nor do I want my taxes to pay for a reintroduction campaign.

  • Niall Chapman

    This data is from 2001 and many more barns have been built to accommodate the barn owl enthusiasts since:

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  • JR

    Serious question, Do you honestly believe that it has died out?

  • chrisjones2

    Not dead just sleeping

    Like King Arthur

  • Turgon

    Well the Welsh equivalent of the barn owl: the water vole, has done me no harm and has survived thus far. It may be worth spending a bit of money on helping ensure its continued survival.

  • barnshee

    The Earth is sick with a disease called mankind –if it fails to recognise the fact that the earth is shared with other species– If it continues its growth and destruction of resources and environment- it will foul the nest for every species

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Firstly the Barn Owl goes, Turgon then, from the same drive to destroy the entire environment, physical or cultural, the mouse goes also.

    The same applies to JRs symbolic use of the story.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Ah, a fellow reader of “Puckoon”!

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I could not agree more, barnshee. But as nature abhors a vacuum, it also abhors imbalance. The pendulul swing to equilibrium might just not work out all that well for the entire human race, us included, but at least we know who is to blame.