Cartoon – Spencer on Monday

Martin McGuinness cartoon

This is week two in the new project, a cartoon every Monday with a look on the main story and events. It had all the sound of a soaring statesman; but the substance of a tribal dance. Here’s this week’s take.

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  • Sliothar

    Last week you wrote:
    “Over the last 6-9 months I’ve worked attentively on my illustration
    skills and have got to a stage where I can draw with speed and accuracy.
    The next stage is to work on the story, the subtle (my emphasis) mashup that pricks your sides”.

    I’m sorry but I think I’ve missed the subtlety here.

  • Tacapall

    Seriously Brian if your going to expose hypocrisy with a good subtitle then heres one –

    “DUP MP Gregory Campbell has called for stronger links with Tunisia”