Mary Lou’s second defenestration from the Dail in a month… What’s the problem Mary Lou?

So, ahem, Mary Lou got herself thrown out and then didn’t go? Result. That’s the end of business in the Irish parliament for the day. When’s the last time Mary Lou got herself flung out? That would be about a month ago on Tuesday 14th October.

That would be the same day of Spotlight’s Cahill documentary:

In case you miss it (as we may be meant to), take some time and listen to Ms Cahill’s rather combative interview on LMFM (from about 44 mins in)….

The rather irascible Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett may come to reflect on the possibility that both he and his office are being played for fools…

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  • Morpheus

    The Irish Times did a good piece, including video:

    Maybe we can all watch it and make our own minds up about it

    Weird that her question wasn’t answered and the ‘Can Coke Coyler’ as Gregwardo would say pulled GA up for making accusations yesterday while allowing numerous other accusations both before and after his warning

  • Ulick

    So Mick you”re telling us:

    — Mary Lou got herself thrown out of the Dáil on the afternoon of 14 Oct to
    distract the half dozen or so regular southern viewers of BBC2NI 11.30pm slot
    from tuning in that night

    — Mary Lou staged a protest in the Dáil this afternoon to distract a half
    dozen regular northern listeners of LMFM from tuning in to their regular show


    You should take a visit over to Dublin Mick to judge how much effect O’Brien’s
    media campaign (and yours tbf) is actually having on the ground. The answer is
    zillich. This kind of desperate tin-foil-hat stuff isn’t helping your cause

    I passed the GPO last night while the great and good were inside. Outside the
    anger over water charges, not Cahill was palpable. I’ve said it on here before
    and now I’m still convinced, dragging up Troubles era events to damage Sinn
    Féin doesn’t wash down here. They’re widely recognised as legacy issues which
    were pretty much inevitable in the abnormal society that was the north.

  • NMS

    Too many “rather”s as they might say on “Just a Minute”

    It is a very short sighted policy of disrupting the Parliament. One wonders what she tells her children when they throw a tantrum. Does she banish them to their bedrooms or leave them sitting in front of a blank TV screen?

  • Brian Walker

    Although derived directly form it, the authority of the Ceann Comhairle is not accepted in the Dail as fully as the Speaker’s is in Westminster,even if through gritted teeth sometimes. Quite apart from a TD defying a suspension, you would never get a minister talking over the Speaker’s call for her to sit down as Joan Burton just did and TDs routinely do. The Assembly Chair’s authority is somewhere in between.

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    Mary Lou is standing up for people’s rights by asking why / when / how is the Irish Government going to take water charges from a persons pay packet if they do not pay for said wage charges- Mary Lou stood her ground whilst the Ceann Comhaile left in a huff-

  • mickfealty


    Neither protest had a visible means of support, especially not this one.

    I don’t doubt the anger over water charges (see SF’s flip flopping on the matter). I don’t doubt the seriousness of the issues involved in the Cahill story either. I’ll be doing a short piece on the hysteria over Adams NYC remarks.

    BTW you really should listen to that radio interview…

  • chrisjones2

    Its the old SF / PIRA Ploy

    Put the weemin out in front whiloe the lads shelter behind

    And what the whole Cahill thing shows is that she is devoid of scruples. Its My Party Right or Wrong

  • chrisjones2

    Very simple….every week

  • willieric

    This is a quote from the Hansard report on last week’s Stormont debate on the Cahill revelations, from SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly,.
    ”…….Nobody does victimhood better than Sinn Fein, nobody on this island….”.

  • chrisjones2

    Like covering up for paedophiles dumped in the Republic?

    And what you seem to allege is that The Irish People are irredeemably racist and demand different standards for all those (mostly Prods) murdered by the IRA. I think the Irish people are better than that

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    ” Put the weemin out front “-

    ChrisJones2 see’s women has a soft option for some reason- there are no Softys in Sinn Fein-

  • mickfealty

    No doubt Barrett is ill suited to the job. But a stroke’s a stroke for all that…

  • chrisjones2

    Read it again. In the early years of the troubles a common PIRA tactic was to hide behind women and children in crowds to attack the army. Its called a human shild

  • Gopher

    Really beginning to look like the institutions in the South arnt strong enough to prevent their subversion. I guess I’m the only one who was incredulous about Gerrys comments on the press. Wonder when the Garda will get accused of political policing.

  • Ulick

    Ceann Comhairle came crawling back in the end Mick. Maybe the whole thing was a stroke to distract from the delegation at Stormont today who can’t get an ‘audience’ with the “f**king dictator” Kenny?

  • mickfealty

    No doubt Barrett needs to go, and the Dail needs reform in that regard. Having said that I’ve not seen any CC remotely in command of that place since Rory O’Hanlon left (takes an Armagh man, ya think?).

    What’s with all this tongue-in-cheekiness from you Shinners tonight? 😉

  • babyface finlayson

    Well the story on rte this morning is about Mary Lou’s ‘sit-in’ which must be better for SF than a story all about Mairia Cahill.

  • Morpheus

    When I watched it Ron Burgundy sprung to mind:

    From ‘take your seat’ to suspending the session in a matter of seconds

  • Jag

    14th October 2014 was the day when the Budget for 2015 was announced. MLM was suspended during her replying speech. She was suspended after the Ceann Comhairle (or Coca Cola as Gregsers would call him) reminded MLM that her speech must be addressed to him, and not the finance minister. That was regarded by many as pettiness personified as politicians rarely address the Ceann Comhairle when asking a question or making a speech. MLM appeared visibly surprised at the intervention, as were many around Leinster House. Now, the Government had outflanked SF by producing a less austere budget than the SFer alternative, and some think MLM would be glad to be out of there (that’s what Enda suggested next day). It is a million miles away from Spotlight, and trying to tie the first suspension into that programme broadcast later on that Tuesday is ludicrous.

    As for MLM’s suspension yesterday, the vote to have her suspended was passed 64-43. There are 14 SFer TDs. The independents and most FFers (Michael McGrath did, Micheal Martin abstained) rowed in behind MLM. If this was purely a SFer attempt to deflect attention from the kangaroo court the previous day, then 29 TDs from outside SF were duped. Unlikely.

    On a separate note, at least we all know where MLM will be after her expulsion and that she won’t be a danger to children. Can the same be said about those expelled by the IRA for suspected child abuse?

  • NMS

    Jag, I am not sure about the safety of children around MLM. It looks like she would rob the food off their plates. If she doesn’t get a grip, she will be bigger than Mary Harney in a very short time.

  • Morpheus

    Fat jokes. Hilarious. Well done you, family must be proud

  • Bryan Magee

    SF displacement activity.

  • Sliothar

    Let’s face it, the Ceann Comhairle acted as if he’d been briefed by the Government not to allow difficult questioning by minority parties on the water issue. It was a valid question from McDonald and it wasn’t answered. Barrett sided with Bruton in her evasion. He was an absolute disgrace – and not for the first time.

    Irrespective of the rights and wrongs of Ms Cahill’s allegations – and I say this with the greatest respect towards her – I sincerely think she is being used by the Coalition as a deflection to the most important topic to hit the streets of Ireland for years. What could be better than to batter SF on a teenager’s rape than to deal effectively with the main talking point in Southern politics – the water charges. And, as a consequence, if the people won’t pay, where are they gonna get the money from?

  • Sliothar

    Oops! ‘Burton’ not ‘Bruton’.
    Is it me or do all those southern pollies sound the same. 😉

  • NMS

    Yes, she is going to have to do some more power walking around Cabra!

  • Starviking

    So Speakers are to be obeyed in the Assembly, but ignored in the Dail? Wonderful dualiity from Sinn Fein.

  • Tacapall

    I suppose In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king –

    “Westminster paedophile ring investigated over murder links”

  • barnshee

    “to take water charges from a persons pay packet if they do not pay for said wage charges”

    I am inexperienced in gibberish please translate

  • Sliothar

    Current info would suggest that the Ceann Comhairle in Dail Eireann has neither the status nor authority – even the respect – that the Speaker commands in the House of Commons, Westminster. He’s a party hack and placee, in other words. And, as evidenced by his most recent display of unfair play, is fulfilling his job to his puppet-master’s satisfaction. Well done that man!

  • mickfealty

    Barrett is permanently angry. Like O’Donoghue before him. Ignorance is bliss.