Sinn Fein top of the polls: Rumours of their demise greatly exaggerated?

Latest polls in the South will be giving Sinn Fein reason to raise a glass tonight as they have suffered one of the biggest crises since 2004.

Here is the latest Millward/Brown Poll which will appear in tomorrows Sunday Independent

Fine Gael -22%

Fianna Fáil – 20%

Sinn Féin -26%



I will pose this question to the Sluggerverse what is the secret of their succcess?

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  • SeaanUiNeill

    Oh, sp12, so Gerry and Tony are both guilty of lying and abusing the trust of a gullible electorate? I can live with you admitting that!

    I have to admit that why people vote for someone who is so evidently morally bankrupt and untrustworthy is beyond me. I try “models” out to see how they fit. The post-colonial model seems to work quite well, but I’ve tried out Stockholm Syndrome in the past. The common thread is that of an abused people unable to shake off the habits of dealing with the terrible sense of disempowerment abuse brings. They do not feel that they can effectivly challenge lies and abuse in any way.

    I suppose that definition pretty much fits the English working class also, especially post Thatcher, but pretty much over their entire history! So, yeah, the Tony and Gerry show…….

  • Croiteir

    As a unreconstructed republican opposed to the socialist politics of SF I too knew this would not be successful and I gloat at the stupidity of those who did. Only one way to beat SF, show up their socialist policies as the crock of keek that it is. In the meantime power to them, they are shaking up the collaborating shysters south f the border.

  • Croiteir

    Let him have his day at the GPO on Easter Sunday 2016 as the leader of Irish Republicanism, he would have the best claim anyway. Then onto the next phase.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Croiteir, you sound like someone reluctant to swallow the brown stuff, and you are surviving in Larne?

    As an Irish legitimist neo-Jacobite a lot of the demogogic nonsense SF tries to sell their electorate has me in stitches when I can forget the grief they cause me.

  • Croiteir

    He is obviously not a complete drag on the party or they would not have the poll success

  • Croiteir

    Aye right, change a winning hand – that’s the way to go

  • Croiteir

    Aye – the ignorant Paddy – why do they not put Adams on skewer and roast him

  • sp12

    Ohhh dear, the man that reduces others to the title of bots is getting precious about how others define him based on his expressed political positions.

  • Malus Ultor

    The place is crawling with fascist blueshirt supporters.

    Ah well, they can and will be tolerated for the short time they have left and then they’ll quietly crawl back under the rocks where they have hidden over the past 20 years.

    To lick their wounds and dream of fascist days with Uncle Franco.

  • Sp12

    You type an awful lot without actually making any points related to the question.
    It’s a simple question, what behaviour are you putting down to post colonial self loathing?
    I don’t need a definition of post colonial self loathing, i’m interested in what behaviour exactly you think is caused by this ‘model’.

  • Croiteir

    Can’t see the point of replacing the Hanoverians with the Bavarians – but I would still toast the wee gentleman in the velvet waistcoat

  • $33309652

    He is the type, who won’t be taught. As he clutches his Daily Mail. And learns of “foreign” Murder Gangs..But turns a blind eye to Britains misdeeds.

  • $33309652

    Here here
    I love to seem him dancing on a pinhead. When he defines he is NOT a unionist..LMAO
    In his world to be a unionist..You must beat a Lambeg drum, then your wife and then weasr a Sash whilst doing so.

  • $33309652

    Was Poland “local” to Germany????

  • Zeno3

    I’d be surprised if he lasted that long. He is becoming increasingly loopy what with his fragrant penises and diamonds at the top of his thighs tweets.

  • chrisjones2

    Gerry down 8 points old son

  • $33309652

    Is the fact that Slugger which has a whole slanted Partitionist Unionist view of Ireland;in publishing these poll results of 26 County Irish parties..Not being hypocritical?
    I say that in light of Sluggerites looking for every tiny evidence that SF may be pursuing Partionist policies.
    But If Slugger is a Unionist website ( which it is ) aren’t they guilty of what they try and accuse SF of been, with these poll results?
    i.e they are sticking their nose in 26 County Free State areas?
    Or is it a belated recognition that ALL roads leads to Dublin?
    And how that must stick in the Sluggerite throat.

  • $33309652

    Are you back from London, so soon?
    What news of that £2.1 Billion bill and the EU project, namely Britains continued involvement there in?
    Pray tell, what are the London hackney Carraige drovers, view on these matters?

  • Robin Keogh

    Less of the old please ……8 points is hardly a shocker given that all leaders ratings are down, in fact GA rating is the highest of all party leaders…. but i understand you clutching at straws old boy 😉

  • eireanne

    anyone care to put this latest poll in the context of UK wide polls?

    usual caveats – they are only today’s polls on a limited number of responders. potential for great change between now and polling day – but an interesting pattern, nonetheless

  • Dixie Elliott

    The Adamsites were hot favourites to win Dublin South West and despite resorting to their usual dirty tricks they were beaten by Paul Murphy.

    Anyway the sooner the Adamsite paedo protectors get into government the sooner we’ll see the end of them. Clearly people are angry and the Adamsites are reaping the benefits of this anger for now.

  • Dixie Elliott

    The shinner reject McIvor might sit at his keyboard ranting but the fact is when a journalist knocked at his door he juked out denying everything he said online…

    “T’wasn’t me mister. I’m not Michael Henry.”

  • $33309652

    I will pose this question to the Sluggerverse what is the secret of their succcess?


    Dear David.
    I read the Fiaannna Failure aka the g*bs*ite party. are on 20% in the above poll.
    Can you explain how that is when they have forced 50,000 per year since 2008 to seek refuge abroad?
    We are ALL ears.
    Don’t you think that Fianna Failure party should commit Hari Kari?
    If they had any decency.
    I do David.
    I do
    Much obliged for your take on things David.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I have never expressed a unionist political position, ever.

  • Comrade Stalin

    To be a unionist you have to be ideologically committed to the union and you cannot be persuaded of the merits of a united Ireland.

    Since I have no opinion on the union, and since I may well vote for Irish reunification in the referendum (if/when it happens), I cannot possibly be a unionist.

  • Comrade Stalin

    well here’s a few question for you gunter.

    1. How many Irish governments have there been since 1922 ?
    2. How many of them have included Fianna Fáil as a coalition partner ?
    3. On how many occasions has Fianna Fáil’s presence as a coalition partner coincided with period of high emigration and poor economic prospects ?

    Answer those, and I think you’ll find your opinion of things on the back of a single poll is starting to look a bit dicey. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite happy for Sinn Féin to become complacent and believe they have it in the bag. Hubris and Nemesis are often found close to each other.

  • Zeno3

    I don’t think you’re far away with that. The people are disgusted with the government in Ireland and would vote for even SF to get rid of that lot. A completely new party would wipe the floor with all of them. Note the rising number of Indie TD’s.

  • $33309652

    “1. How many Irish governments have there been since 1922 ? 2. How many of them have included Fianna Fáil as a coalition partner ?
    Fianna Failure didn’t exist until 1926 So that 1922 part is a bit “dicey”
    Fianna failure bankrupted the country under Jack Lynch when he axed Car tax., took farmers out of PAYE ALL at a time when the World was in dire straits AFTER the 1973 Oil shock.
    That is why by the 1980’s Ireland had a debt/ GDP ratio of over 108% ( sound familar?)
    Don’t lecture me on Fianna Failure.
    I know aLL about the shysters.
    They are the most DANGEROUS scumbags on this island. No doubt in my mind whatsoever.
    Read up about Jack Lynch yourself.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Actually I don’t think so. Adams will be around for a while yet. He did not come this far to bow out at the last moment and won’t stop until he is either old and frail, or is safely in position as a minister in the Irish government.

  • $33309652

    I wish you were right.
    But the voters seem to want to vote eff effers.
    Hopefully nobody under 40 will or ever will and that might spell the end for that cancerous “party”
    I hate playing party politics but FF have to go.
    Not too sure about FG either..They seem part time..BUt since they have spent their time trying to clean up after FF. It’s hard to know for sure.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Fianna Failure didn’t exist until 1916 So that 1922

    See, this is the problem. I didn’t say anything about 1916. You don’t know how to have a proper discussion, do you ?

  • $33309652

    Typo. I meant 1926.
    Since edited out.
    But I made my point about the disaster that is FF.
    They are toxic and should be quarinted

    They are worse than Ebola..Worse and just as hard to shake off.

  • Zeno3

    Polls this far out from the vote don’t mean much. The Scots Referendum being the perfect example. The last poll on that predicted the result almost exactly. A poll is a snapshot of how people would vote right now.

  • Sp12

    Apart from when you joined a Catholic friendly unionist party of course.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I doubt it will happen in my lifetime, but it’s a bit of an old family tradition (at least one known Jacobite martyr), and good company in the Royal Stuart Society. And I hope my Irish passport will stop the woman in Balmoral having me hanged for supporting foreign powers as happened to poor Roger Casement. Did you know his defence used the wild geese as a precedent? My grandfather told me Casement talked a lot about the Stuarts.

    Have a look at Breandan Ó Buachalla’s “Aisling Ghéar” or Éamonn Ó Ciardha’s “Ireland and the Jacobite Cause” for a long hidden history. Éamonn describes how , in the 1780s and 90s “Jacobite became Jacobin”, engendering the non-planter portion of the Republican tradition, facts now well established now but something that made my daughter’s history tutor at University splutter.

    And I’ll lift a glass to the Dutch Usurper’s bane with anyone. The Dutchman gets (wrongly!) a name for toleration, but it was only to protestants, Jamie (a very modern liberal when you start looking into this from primary sources) was sent on his travels for offering toleration to all:

  • Jag

    Interesting head-above-the –parapet today from Michael
    McGrath, the well-regarded FFer spokesman on finance whom Paddy Power tip as
    the next FF leader.

    In the aftermath of
    Saturday’s MBL poll which places FF at #4 again behind SF, Others and FG,
    Michael is calling for clearer policy positions. Some are interpreting it as a
    dogwhistle for a leadership heave. Michael will need 12 months in the seat
    before GE2016 which is widely expected in April 2016.

    Apart from the local elections in May this year, FF are not
    having a good time (no FF MEPs for the first time ever, losing the RSL
    byelection and still languishing in the polls) and many blame Micheal Martin as
    being too closely associated with the ancien regime held responsible for
    bankrupting the country. If you got a penny every time Enda Kenny has used the
    phrase “when you were in charge of health/foreign affairs, you [screwed up
    royally]”, you’d have enough to pay the water charges which FF agreed in outline with the bailout troika in 2010.

    In order for FF to have a clear policy position, they may
    have to dump the legacy baggage, so they’re not constantly reminded of the
    political failure which led to the 2008 crisis and 2010 bailout.

    Has Michael McGrath just issued a clarion call for a
    leadership heave?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Alliance isn’t a unionist party and has never, in my lifetime, expressed a unionist political position either. But I appreciate the variation. During the flag protests Alliance was being accused of being in league with the IRA to destroy Britishness. It’s nice to hear the alternative theories from time to time.

    You know the way the moron loyalists refer to “Martin Miller” and “Carol Cullen” because they claim that is what their real name is, and they don’t respect their right to be referred to by their Irish names ? That’s what you’re doing here.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I think it’s the Irish grammar running in my head. It makes you circulious and indirect, you need to be thinking in precise logical English to get to the point, I think.

    But I thought I was pretty clear:

    “I have to admit that why people vote for someone who is so evidently morally bankrupt and untrustworthy is beyond me.”

    All “sides” here seem to vote for people who are shooting them lines or abusing their trust in some way (“the behaviour”). The voters seem unable to see this, which I’m wondering is it perhaps an unconscious neurotic pattern of behaviour conditioned by some traumatic collective experience. A post colonial encoded lack of self worth, Stockholm Syndrome, where the abused identify with their abusers, both fit this very self destructive pattern of behaviour.

    I get a lot of emails from friends in the U.S. (who do not support their own rotten administrations, by the way) asking how Irish voters can still vote for a party that is fronted by Gerry Adams, in the light of his unacceptable record on women’s issues. I used to say “history” but pushed, I had to find something that explains behaviour amongst my fellow citizens that looks frighteningly irrational to any sane healthy free person who thinks for themselves.

    Just let me know if this is still unclear.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Oh dear Croiteir, do you really think that the voting habits of those who were criticised by the men of 1916 were not simply transferred to other self-interested and generally unworthy politicians, coming down to the likes of Adams? I do not invoke these names without feeling that their words entirely apply to those voting for Adams, certainly. But then William Rooney told his audiences to vote for no-one!

    I think we deserve much, much better leadership than Adams, but I’d be happy simply to see him get out of the way to let someone more trustworthy come through, so we can put away the skewer.

  • barnshee

    “Can you explain how that is when they have forced 50,000 per year since 2008 to seek refuge abroad?”

    Easy Peasey – old chap we have been doing it for generations -check (particularly) The London, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth telephone directories (and that`s before I mention the good old USA)

    AH why is it happening ?

    Well we used to be able to blame the nasty BRITS but that excuse has sort of passed its sell by date –so sorry -its basically our own fault
    Too many people (the old Catholic Church might take a bow at that)
    Too few jobs
    Incompetent politicians
    Rapacious bankers/property developers
    Gombeen men

    The list is -ahem endless but I think you may catch my drift.

  • $33309652

    Well I am sure this violates some rule or other.
    but here goes .
    Are you saying you are Irish, Now?
    Coz up to now it would seem to me that your main concern has been value for money for the British tax payer.
    I would say that to be the theme of your posts. If I am wrong. I shall apologize.
    Yes. to the Gombeen men.
    It’s a shame.