#OTRs: Police Ombudsman finds PSNI’s ‘Operation Rapid’ flawed…

The Police Ombudsman reports

Dr Maguire has said that while it was not improper for a police service to review the circumstances in which it regards people as ‘wanted,’ the process used lacked clarity:

“The Terms of Reference for the exercise is silent on how individuals were selected to be reviewed or the procedure by which the information from the review was to be communicated onwards to other parties.

Nor could we find a satisfactory rationale as to why the police recommended a review of a large number of people previously reported on in recent years,” he said.

The Police Ombudsman report concludes that as a process for reviewing ‘serious offences including murder, the exercise was flawed:

“Perhaps the most serious and significant flaw was to apply a higher standard for considering whether someone should be arrested than that which is normally applied. [Emphasis added]