Another Cahill angle entirely…

Well I never. Mairia Cahill’s late doting old great uncle exposed as a tout by – the  Daily Mirror!

According to Mairia he had advised her to go the RUC . It smelt like an alibi for the Provos when she referred to it in that riveting Spotlight interview. But this!

Joe Cahill, who helped found the Provisional IRA, was pictured abusing a 14-year-old girl in a car in the 1970s, the sources said.

But instead of being prosecuted, the images were used by military spooks to turn the Republican hero – and close ally of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams – into one of the British Army’s most valuable informants.

The story was picked up by the Mail but generally left untouched.

I remember Cahill in the 70s as a  grimly robotic character from the past, Seamus Twomey without the charm, both of them leading figures in the IRA split which gave birth to the Provos.  Their style of  grim and menacing  gutturals was not adopted by the then younger generation. Not all the obits reflected orthodox republican respect, as I’d expect from Jim Cusack.

Can this be true? We should be told. Sinn Fein will prefer to keep silent unless the claim gathers credibility with wider airing.

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