Another Cahill angle entirely…

Well I never. Mairia Cahill’s late doting old great uncle exposed as a tout by – the  Daily Mirror!

According to Mairia he had advised her to go the RUC . It smelt like an alibi for the Provos when she referred to it in that riveting Spotlight interview. But this!

Joe Cahill, who helped found the Provisional IRA, was pictured abusing a 14-year-old girl in a car in the 1970s, the sources said.

But instead of being prosecuted, the images were used by military spooks to turn the Republican hero – and close ally of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams – into one of the British Army’s most valuable informants.

The story was picked up by the Mail but generally left untouched.

I remember Cahill in the 70s as a  grimly robotic character from the past, Seamus Twomey without the charm, both of them leading figures in the IRA split which gave birth to the Provos.  Their style of  grim and menacing  gutturals was not adopted by the then younger generation. Not all the obits reflected orthodox republican respect, as I’d expect from Jim Cusack.

Can this be true? We should be told. Sinn Fein will prefer to keep silent unless the claim gathers credibility with wider airing.

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  • Sp12

    “Intelligence sources have said” 🙂

  • barnshee

    Jasus was there anybodyin PIRA NOT a spy

  • Morpheus

    To be honest I had never even heard of Joe Cahill until last week but surely if a national newspaper is going to print allegations as serious as these – and then for it reproduced on sites such as this – there should be something more concrete than unnamed, unverified “military intelligence sources.”

    “The IRA’s chief of staff was a priceless source of intelligence as the terror outfit stepped up its bombing campaign across Ireland and the mainland”

    Considering everything that happened since he was apparently recruited in the 70s I find this statement bizarre in the least.

    This sort of tattle – and I suspect this is why it was left ‘untouched’ by reputable news agencies – has no place on Slugger until there is a bit more ‘meat on the bones’.

  • Brian

    “According to Mairia he had advised her to go the RUC .”

    That’s not accurate. Here’s what Maíria Cahill noted on Slugger

    With regards to Joe Cahill, Adams has stated that I have said Joe told me to go to the RUC. Not true. If he had actually grasped the detail of the BBCNI Spotlight programme, he would have seen that I said no such thing. What I said was that Joe said “if I’d have known, I’d have told you to go to the RUC’. He didn’t know – until after the IRA had involved themselves and facilitated the perpetrator from house arrest and out of the country. That perpetrator was given a cheque to help him on his way. His ex wife delivered it after being handed it by a prominent person at that time in West Belfast. And when Joe did find out, he was able to further discuss that going to the RUC at this point was not an option – because the IRA had involved themselves.

    As for the Daily Mirror’s unsubstantiated claim.

    “Can this be true?”
    Probably not.

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    No tape or pictures of this supposed abuse of a young 14 year old in a car-here is a story saying that British intelligence covered up abuse or else British newspapers are making stories up about abuse- plus we have not got the usual suspects wanting the heads of the ones hiding abuse or the ones making up yarns about abuse-

  • $33309652

    Didn’t Joe Cahill make the connection with Libya?
    If that is so and he was a “spy” then how come the tonnes of Libyan arms came into Ireland?
    Was that a “mistake” by his handlers?
    More questions than answers.
    As I have already said. We are been led by the nose by people on this one.
    As everybody I think would accept, this story is for the optics of the 26 Counties voter.
    It seems the Brits and Irish Government have no problem with SF at Stormont.
    But when SF , tries to reach outside this barrio and into the Dail. Then the vested interests attack.
    So, just like 1922 when the Brits gave Michael Collins heavy artillery for the four courts and supposedly funded a 58,000 Free State Pro treaty army.
    We have now seen history repeat itself.An unholy alliance between the British secret State and the Free State Gombeanistas.

  • tmitch57

    There have been enough Republicans in influential positions exposed as double agents to make the charge against nearly anyone and everyone seem credible on the surface. This is of course useful in provoking splits in the Republican Movement. It is less useful and important now from the security forces perspective then it was a few short years ago, but it is still useful to rival parties and to the dissidents.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Morph, I remember at my boarding school, we were told to read a wide range of newspapers so that we might evaluate the variety of ways different political opinions affected an apparently single item of news. In one particularly memorable “current affairs” (as it was then described) lesson an other fourth former put up his hand.

    “The Daily Mirror says……”

    He got no further amid the erupting gales of uncontrollable laughter…….

    Incidentally, no such response met my own mention of the news analysis in “Freedom”, the Anarchist weekly, just what a suppose must have been a shocked silence.

  • $33309652

    Oh yeah.
    And How did the IRA smuggled into Ireland Tonnes of Libyan weaponry?
    Did the Brits let those weapons walk into Ireland?
    If that is the case than. How will the Brits explain Bishopsgate, Baltic Exchange, Manchester to their people.
    Can they say. Don’t worry folks . It was policy.
    I don’t see any analysis of this fallout. If you live in a James Bond Fantasy land of Boys Own adventures.

  • Morpheus

    I don’t think too many would be happy if I took what is written above and replaced the name and a few minor details to a person of my choosing when expedient – am I right Brian, Mick, Pete, Chris?

    On that basis alone this piece should be binned, not reproduced on a site with 60,000 readers a month

  • Jag

    Didn’t British “Intelligence” stoke rumours of devil worship amongst the natives in the 1970s

    Wouldn’t believe very much that came from that direction unless it was presented with corroborating evidence. Might as well claim that Joe Cahill was behind 9/11.

  • Morpheus

    Exactly – but here we are none the less

  • babyface finlayson

    It reminds me of the scene in ‘The Thing’ where the group of scientists are trying to determine who is alien and who is still human. Kurt Russell says (I’m paraphrasing) “I know some of you must be human or you would all just attack me now…”
    Similarly someone in the RA must have been the genuine article or they would just have shut up shop and gone away….erm..

  • The article in the Mirror isn’t worth the paper it’s written on! There is absolutly no evidence against Joe Cahill and is another attempt by the British media to criminalise Republicans – surprise, surprise. The man is dead and it’s easy to throw muck because he cannot defend himself from beyond the grave….

  • Morpheus

    Not court-worthy evidence but something a bit more substantial than what was presented here. This is not far off what you would hear 2 old biddies talking about over a garden fence

  • NMS

    I presume the source of the story is a Provo spin doctor. When you start eating your own, it is clear the end is high. They have the most to gain from attacking the Cahill family.

  • barnshee

    And how exactly were the £Brits” to prevent the smuggling “into Ireland” when the Irish Government was complicit in the smuggling ?

  • barnshee

    I read it in a newspaper-I tell a lie it was the Mirror

  • $33309652

    Are you being serious? If it was up to the incompetent Irish Government the IRA would still be using pikes.
    And Libyan weapons was the mid 1980’s NOT the 1969.
    And thirdly. I always have to facepalm when an Englander points out to USA funding for the IRA and now on top of this this arms trial business.
    When the UDR ( aka the largest British Regiment ) was the largest source of Unionist terrorist weapons from the 1970’s up to the 1980’s . when the British MI5 brought Brian Nelson back from Germany, he imported south African weapons. Which were tracked by BOSS the South African intelligence services.
    The ship carrying these weapons made a stop in Poland. After it left Poland it became the RUC’s job to catch these weapons.
    But the RUC “lost” track of it.
    So, pull the other one it has bells on.
    These South African Weapons would be used to kill over 250 people and over 229 of which were found to be civilians, ordinary catholics over a 5 year period.
    It is estimated that over 500 guns went from the UDR to Unionist terror groups. during the 1970’s/80’s And that 5 – 15 % of the UDR were unionist terrorists.
    That last figure is a Brit army estimate, So I should say it’s far higher.
    So over to you.
    See If you put your hand up to any of the above.
    Or is it all in the deniable zone for a Unionist apologit?

  • barnshee

    Very happy to acknowledge acquisition of weapons by the protestant community -(don`t see any British ministers involved /named/sacked –You might like to consider why the protestant community feels the need to be armed)

    Like to see you data for your “estimates” and given the stats for “who killed who”

    I would have thought – ahem “republicans” would be anxious to avoid the body count compare

    PS if you can provide examples where the police/army set out with the intention of shooting people in the back or blowing up children who very unlucky enough to be in their parents car I would like to see them

  • $33309652

    “You might like to consider why the protestant community feels the need to be armed).

    More revisionist history it was the UVF who were sectarian muderers in 1966, which forced Republicans to re arm. This reached it’s low point with the burning of Bombay street. So your comment is bizarre to say the least and revisionist history at worst.
    There is plenty of evidence online about the Brits collusion.
    As for body counts the IRA killed about 1,800 mostly RUC/ Army/UDR
    Unionist terrorists killed 1,000 ( about 60 -70 were IRA only )with assistance of the Brit State.From been the largest arms supplier to the issuing of Restriction Orders which allowed Unionist terrorists to kill with impunity.
    I suggest you pick up the book Lethal Allies. Very uncomfortable reading for a Unionist paramilitary apologist, such as yourself ( see you comment I quoted above as evidence )
    And the Ruc/ Brit army killed about 500.
    So, very little to choose really.
    As for killing children.
    You really didn’t read about Majela O ‘Hare . Did you?
    And there are dozens of under 12’s killed by plastic bullets.