“Adams’s claim… is worthy of the most cynical bishop”

From today’s editorial in the Irish Times

Adams’s claim that there was “absolutely no cover up by Sinn Féin at any level”, is worthy of the most cynical bishop. It appears to be based on the fact that the IRA came to accept that she had indeed been abused. But its response was not to assist in bringing the culprit to some external forum of justice, or to counsel and assist the victim, but to offer to shoot him. That way the organisation wouldn’t have to face the opprobrium of guilt by public association or suggestions of tacit complicity. No cover up? That Adams’s party colleagues should selectively accept some of what Cahill claims but not any imputation against their leader’s word is hardly surprising. They all have form in this regard, not least in their loyalty to his insistence that he was never in the IRA. But being willing to ask tough questions of your own leader, demonstrating that you are not just dupes of the Sinn Féin machine, may be as important in making the party a credible force for government as any airbrushing of a paramilitary past.

[Too late… – Ed]

Read the whole thing.

And then read Fintan O’Toole’s article on the Sinn Féin president’s “history of evasive answers”.

If Enda Kenny, Micheál Martin, Joan Burton or Peter Robinson had this abysmal record on child protection and this history of evasive answers, we know what Sinn Féin would have to say about it.

That not one of the party’s strong-minded women can manage to say it about Gerry Adams is deeply creepy. If you think ordinary cronyism is bad, consider what this party will do to protect one of its own.


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  • tmitch57

    Unlike the other party leaders mentioned above, Adams is not the leader primarily of a political party but rather of the political portion of a liberation movement whose first job of liberation was to liberate The Truth from the facts.

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    ” Not least in their loyalty to his insistence that he was never in the IRA “-

    I did not see any prove in that Irish times article that he was in the IRA- perhaps the editor would like to make a citizens arrest or at the very least go to the nearest police station with this evidence –

  • chrisjones2

    You abject loyalty come what may taints you by association with this shameful history

    PS is it true that you are a SF Councillor as some have alleged? Or just a sock puppet?

  • babyface finlayson

    What are the reactions from Finucane, McCullogh and Padraic Wilson? If they deny IRA membership then presumably they deny that these meetings or interrogations took place?
    Adams says there is no corporate way of verifying the IRA investigation, so we have to assume they are denying it happened.
    He also says those accused actually tried to help her. In what way? If they were not IRA members how could they have helped her with an allegation against an alleged IRA member?
    So is the SF position that the meetings took place but did not go as Mairia Cahill says or that they did not take place at all?

  • Reader

    I, for one, have exactly as much faith in each of Gerry’s accumulated denials as I have in his claim that he was never in the IRA.
    I hope that is the result you were looking for?

  • All Provisional S/F needs to do is to give it’s full support to Mairia Cahill. That must include full disclosure from the Party and their PIRA comrades…and of course a genuine public apology, given their failure to report the matter to the Social Services!

  • Glenn Clare

    Is Padraic Wilson not up on similar IRA investigation and membership charges in connection to the murder of Robert McCartney???


  • $33309652

    For My next article.
    I shall be leading with the Scoop of Gerry Adams signs for Sheffield United.
    He will partner Ched Evans on the wing.( i think that what’s footballists say as well as being a lovely drippler)
    Yes, you heard it here first folks.
    After years of “struggle” for a United Ireland free from “Brit Rule” as well as being a book author and Statesman.
    Gerry Adams has finally admitted what even the British secret State never knew. His life long ambition to play in some football league or other;for some depressing Northern England town.
    Simon Cowell of X Factor is said by reporters to be shocked
    Himself and Louis Walsh were hoping GA’s new direction might lead him to the entertainment industry.After all what could possibly emerge from that septic industry.
    A Sheffield united fan, who wished to remain anonymous on his twitter feed said.
    ” He don’t what care about armed struggle or other matters as long as we win some trophy or other and can continue to make lame jokes about footballism”.

    And to think The Irish Moralists played the Brit game over Parnell getting involved with a divorced woman and thereby doing the Brits dirty work for them which the Piggot forgeries couldn’t achieve.
    Ireland the land of the Gombeans.Where the sheeple do what they’re told.
    How depressing.
    Been told want to think, vote , elect and do by their masters.
    Nothing new under an Irish sky.
    Also In other news I predict the Russian submarine in Swedish waters is a Red herring designed to get Sweden to join NATO.
    And I predict Sweden will either join Nato or take a vote on it soon.
    After all Irish people aren’t the only ones led by “dark forces ” (TM)

  • NMS

    .Don’t make me puke. The Provos were and a criminal gang running protection rackets, robbing banks and businesses, murdering those who opposed them and using politics to cover their activities.

    The only liberation that interested them was the liberation of other peoples assets and their transfer to them. The Northern Bank robbery and the robbery taking place when Garda McCabe was murdered were meant to keep Gerry and friends comfortable.

    The criminal activities continue with smuggling and other activities. As Adams said, Slab Murphy is a good republican. We know exactly what a good republican is.

  • NMS

    The best thing the Provos could do is commit collective suicide. The IRA abuser Domhnall ÓLubhlaí had many friends among Provo circles in Belfast. Here is a link to a TG4 clár about him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqCPRgSOmd8

  • West_Brit

    Wilson and Finucane don’t deny the meetings took place –

    It just needs SF to clarify if the lads were present on behalf of SF or the Provos

  • babyface finlayson

    Thanks I hadn’t seen that. So they are disputing what happened at the meetings rather than that they happened at all. As you say I wonder were they there as SF or as Provos
    Could Morris have been brought to such a meeting to be judged by anyone other than his own alleged comrades?
    Was Mairia Cahill taken in a car to a strange house to be told by members of a political party that she should go to the social services?
    Seems unlikely to me.

  • $33309652

    And Jimmy Saville was friends with Thatcher. BTW Who was he friends with?

  • Dixie Elliott

    Interestingly enough I noticed that in saying there were at least 30 other cases Mairia referred to one as being ‘The brother of a SF politician.’

  • hugh mccloy

    new profile ? https://disqus.com/home/user/disqus_EVClQ52iRy?utm_source=profile&utm_campaign=bridge standard protocol for numpies when they get out of control, difference is most other sf reps who put their foot in it change their profile picture as well incase the screen shots catch up with them

  • NMS

    Gunt Ó Lubhlaí regular stayed in Belfast in the houses of prominent Provos. There was no such relationship between the two people mentioned by you.

  • Glenn Clare

    Adams will need to dawn his tinfoil helmet as there are more allegations of child sexual abuse and sinn fien/ira interrogations, this time in co Louth in Gerry’s own constituency. Over to you Gerry.

    “A man who claims he was raped by an IRA member as a
    teenager has revealed that he was interrogated by a ‘kangaroo court’ in a
    scenario almost identical to that described by Mairia Cahill”.

    “The latest victim of the IRA’s sex abuse cover-up scandal claimed
    that he and his brother were both abused by the known terrorist when he
    was hiding at their Co Louth home in the early 1990s.

    John (not his real name) said that when they first made their allegations known in
    2002 they were both interrogated by an IRA kangaroo court in the
    constituency where Gerry Adams is now a Sinn Fein TD”.



  • Glenn Clare

    Events are sure moving a pace now.
    “Adams says he knew of IRA connection to Mairia Cahill abuse claims”


  • SeaanUiNeill

    Hello NMS, its called “Satire”, you know.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I could mention quite a few people JS was friends with, some of them front bench or shadow front bench in his day, but my solicitor tells me I do not have enough funds to fight a defence against the usual gagging orders (“libel”). Notably, even the dead are safe, unless, like Jimmy Saville, they have no powerful friends still active in their defence. Mentioning alligations against the dead may still “libel” their family, if they are also in the public eye, so much of the known activities of well placed abusers will, seemingly, never come to light.

    And after all, “it was a long time ago” and “you do not want to see old pathetic men in court”!!!! Oh for a Simon Wiesenthall with enough clout to entirely out those still getting away with their crimes in an act of final silencing against those they have harmed.

  • NMS
  • Jag

    Leaders Questions in Dail just now

    Enda Kenny says he had “privilege” of meeting with Mairia Cahill for 90 minutes this morning.

    FG will facilitate a comprehensive debate on this matter.

    FG liaising with David Forde on the matter.

    FG will reflect on inquiry.

    Enda wants to know if Ms Cahill was confronted with her alleged abuser. Enda wants to know details of suspected abusers moved from NI to ROI. Micheal Martin also used his question time to comment on the matter.

    In response, GA accuses Enda Kenny and Micheal Martin of being sleeveen* “Refutes” claim about confrontation between Ms Cahill and her alleged abuser. Doesn’t offer anything concrete on the movement of abusers.

    Eerily silent Leaders Questions, can’t remember it ever being this silent. Serious stuff. GA wants Enda Kenny to facilitate a further confrontation between Ms Cahill and the people she accused of conducting the investigation. Enda says he will meet with those people but doesn’t respond on invitation to facilitate meeting with Ms Cahill. A memorable Leaders Questions – GA looked oppressed and on back foot.

    *(for you Nordies, Sleeveen is a complex expression. First it implies a rural unsophistication — it would not be applied to someone from Dublin or a city. At the same time it implies slyness, untrustworthiness, and obviously slippery character.

    “Ya little sleeveen bollix. I knew it was you all along.”)

  • $33309652

    Really? Didn’t Jimmy Saville stay at Chequers as a Guest Of Maggie. Also there have been several of Maggies friends outed as Paedos.

    As Anne Widcome said. Being a Paedo in those days was viewed as just been a quirk or an eccentric but not criminal. Even though it was of course a criminal offence.

    Weird Huh?

    From the FT.

    Tim Fortescue, a senior whip in Edward Heath’s government in the early 1970s, told the documentary that Tory MPs in trouble would come to the office and ask for help. “It might be debt, it might be scandal involving small boys – any kind of scandal. And if we could help, we would; because we would store up brownie points. If we could get a chap out of trouble, then he’d do as we ask for evermore.”

    How about Nicholas Fairbairn. I bet he “partied” with Thatcher.


  • $33309652
  • SeaanUiNeill

    As a very small and poor fish in this pond, I have learnt not to mention anyone who might come out of even the strongest case roaring for damages when they are freed on a technicality. There are times when I wish that the Non-proven verdict was available here and in England.

    I should just mention that Fairbairn was not alone in “poaching” the adolescent daughters (and sons) of colleagues and friends. This was something of a competitive sport in political and media circles from the 1960s, leaving a trail of nervous breakdowns or familial alienation when the ties of other family members to important abuser friends and colleagues overrode the claims of family loyalty to offspring and siblings. You would not believe the careful calculations of personal advantage against possible support for an abused family member that I’ve encountered some of the situations that were described to me by survivors!

  • $33309652

    As Ann Widdecombe said of all these abuse allegations concerning people in power.
    These perverts were viewed as “eccentric” that was the attitude in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
    It may be different now.
    But all that been said, it could well be over for SF at this stage in the 26 Counties.
    On these issues you need to be whiter than white.And that is what these scandal mongers are banking on.
    Still a dreadful end.A really bad full stop. at the end of a career. But You have to wonder if any politician could lead a movement for 35 years. I mean the Tories under Cameroon. All he has to say, is that was under a different leader( about Tory sleeze under Thatcher) and this works.

    unless he steps aside for some internal inquiry. Something like Lord Rennard did in the UK Liberal party.

  • NMS

    Gunt. I presume you mean Ann Widdecombe……….

    In relation to Nicholas Fairbarn, he was connected, after his death, to a specific scandal the “Elm Guest House scandal”. It was suggested that there was a Provo also involved. There is no evidence or suggestion that the former UK Prime Minister was aware of or ignored any reports of abuse by members of her party to my knowledge.

    Recently I was out with some old acquaintances, all of us had known or had met ÓLubhlaí at different times. He was a strange horrible man, the Irish word gránna comes immediately to mind. I can still remember the way he looked at people the first time I met him.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I entirely agree. SF could pull the rug from under their critics by decisive action here. No-one is above investigation, and certainly no leader should be presenting social protection policies where their own record makes a mockery of what is being presented.

  • Jag

    It’s car crash video, but the recording of yesterday’s Leaders Questions is now available online here –


    The first two videos are of Micheal Martin and Gerry Adams questions.

    The transcript is available here


    Unprecedented stuff.