Cahill brings up matter of recordings of her meetings with Adams…

Mary Lou McDonald stumbled a little today on RTE’s Saturday with Brian Dowling programme when the host read out a tweet from Mairia Cahill referencing recordings of her meetings with Gerry Adams.

She mentioned it yesterday in fact, but it wasn’t picked up by the mainstream (8.30 on):

Perhaps she was talking about this little devil originally detected by Sinn Fein in the run up to negotiations at Leeds Castle in September 2004? Adams and his confidantes seem to have been the target.

The BBC reported that the party said the device had two microphones – “one directed at an office, the other at a meeting room”. When they auctioned it the following year, Adams stated in a ‘note of authentication’:

“In January 2005, Eliza Manningham-Butler, head of MI5, admitted that MI5 bugged Connolly House.”

Ball back in Sinn Fein’s court? Or is it MI5’s? [Jasus, a tangled web or wha? – Ed]