Mary Lou McDonald: “I know she has knowledge of my case…”

And so she might, if it weren’t that she found Gerry so “absolutely emphatic”…


  • Tadhg Curran

    This girl says some guy raped her a while ago, and for the sake of argument I’ll assume she is telling the truth about that, I have no direct knowledge of the matter or reason to doubt it. If it happened, I feel fine calling the guy who did a reprobate and what have you. Yesterday some of the crowd here tried to splash some of the mud of that on Gerry Adams though. Now that crowd here is trying to pin this on Mary Lou McDonald as well.

    When Gerry Adams went to Gay Byrne’s show for the first time, every guest, including Labour and Fianna Fáil slammed republicans in the six counties for punishing criminals. They were all dead-set against this. Of course unionists and the English sing the same song, even the SDLP. Everyone has been screaming for decades about the brutality of republicans punishing reprobates and tried to stop their ability to do so. Now after all that blather, after all those decades, now we’re hearing complaints that republicans didn’t punish people enough.

  • mickfealty

    You think Republicans let this happen to a defenceless teenager? That’s some class of political slander, surely?

  • sp12

    What exactly is the point of meeting Mary Lou or Peter for that matter, when she can present her evidence to the police?
    This isn’t a fucking petition to keep a local amenity open, it’s a rape case, go to the people who deal with these matters and try the guy, and bang him up if he’s found guilty.

  • Superfluous

    Dragging Mary Lou into it has a whiff of going after the party, rather than the individuals actually involved – trying to tarnish the ‘baggage free’ aspects of southern Sinn Fein, who just happen to be doing well at the moment…

    If you can’t tell, I’ve now become a bit cynical.

  • NMS

    Excellent performance by Ms.McDonald on RTÉ’s “Saturday with Brian Dowling”. Clearly SF’s people have finally got their ducks in a row. A few gratuitous remarks at the end questioning her motivation etc., but overall excellent. Whoever prepared her deserves a bonus.

    The only fly in the ointment maybe tomorrow’s papers. Does Auntie Éilis have a scoop for the SINDO? If so, Mary Lou will, through no fault of her own, end up walking the plank with her boss.

  • Robin Keogh

    I think the Sindo might be carefull, they have already been instructed to apologise to adams for two transgressions

  • NMS

    Robin, the most recent Press Council was very nuanced. It did not relate to the original story, rather the way that the Independent reported the complaint.

    Adams won’t go to Court because of course he would have to go into a witness box. I for one would welcome Adams going to Court, but I don’t think we will ever see it.

    I can see lots of lovely SINDO angles to the story. I think for example asking Seamus Finnucane’s nephew Michael for his views could raise a lot of nasty questions for a leading Dublin solicitor, let alone the Finnucane family’s campaign.

  • chrisjones2

    Naw What you are hearing is that there is supposed to be a rule of law where rapists are dealt with under the law not smuggled away while victims are allegedly told to shut up and get on with their lives or its suggested to them that some women may enjoy a rape.

    And remember – its not just in this case – its all the others too

  • chrisjones2

    What are you suggesting?

    All solicitors in de Nuth (except the Prod ones) are human rights lawyers (TM) and saints

  • chrisjones2

    When you join the political wing of a movement with over 2500 murders to its “credit” aren’t you tarnishing yourself automatically?

    Just what are those “baggage free” aspects? Have you looked at the party hierarchy? They haven’t gone away you know, as someone once said

  • NMS

    Chris, Young Michael has escaped to Dublin and is now happily in practice on his own account., describing himself as follows, Solicitor & Human Rights Activist. Currently Chair of Law Society Human Rights Committee. He has left out the “saint” bit.

  • Superfluous

    I’m currently living in Britain (the mainland), hold a British passport etc – wouldn’t be a Sinn Fein supporter. But I can easily say that the British state (my state) has a lot more than 2,500 murders to its credit. There may be more recent moral differences (I don’t think the British state have recently used Proxy Bombs) but if I tried hard enough I could find a state sanctioned comparison for almost all IRA killings (go far enough back and I can easily find worse [Bomber Harris, Cromwell]).

    So anyway, you have to recongise within any grouping there are some who are baggage free. For instance as a (somewhat) politically active Irish Brit I’ve never murdered an Iraqi, an Afghan, an Irishman, nor bombed anything. You can group me with others, but I am actually baggage free.