Partitionism in practice: Sinn Fein’s two policies on Phil Hogan..

Carthy and MingErm, this was a little embarrassing for one Sinn Fein’s most talented young politicians (though little enough of the blame accrues to him personally the effect afterwards was apparent in his body language)…

“I know you are a new member of politics, but I have been a member for 27 years,” Mr Hogan replied, adding: “I know what parliamentary privilege is, and I know what it isn’t.”

Noting that Mr Carthy was “against Europe” and against his own nomination, Mr Hogan proceeded to read a letter from Northern Ireland’s Minister for Agrilcuture Michelle O’Neill, in which she outlines her support for Mr Hogan’s nomination.

“There seems to have been a breakdown in discipline in Sinn Féin, and I hope you don’t get into trouble over it,” Mr Hogan said to laughter and applause.

You can pick up the whole exchange here (listen for the committee’s reaction)…

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